How to Reset Your Forgotten iPad Password or Passcode

Your iPad has several passwords in it, whether it be the passcode that unlocks your device, restricts and blocks content from other devices, and Apple ID password, which is the most important one. In this article, we would try to help you reset these passwords if you have forgotten any of them.

How Do I Reset My Forgotten Apple ID?
In case you have not downloaded any application on your device in a while, you might have not used your Apple ID for a long time. There could be a case where you might have even forgotten it entirely and are unable to recall it.

Here are the instructions to recover it:
On any device, open up a web browser.
Then head to
Make your way to Forget Apple ID or password.
Put in your email address that is linked to your Apple account or Apple ID.
Head to Continue to go further into the process.
Verify your phone number and then Continue.
Now you will get a notification from Apple on your device that has logged into your Apple account.

You have to tap on either the Allow or Show option (whatever shows up).
Follow the on-screen instructions to reset your Apple ID’s passcode.
If you are unable to use your primary Apple device that has the Apple ID lost password issue, then click on the link saying, “Don’t have access to your device?” on the lower of the webpage while confirming the phone number.
In the subsequent screen, you will see alternate ways to reset your Apple ID’s password.
You have to select the option that says Can’t get to another iOS device?
Follow the on-screen instruction to reset your Apple ID.

Forgot Your iPad’s Screen Lock Passcode? Here’s How to Reset It
If you have forgotten the main passcode that helps you unlock the screen lock on your iPad, then you can use the Face ID or Touch ID to quickly unlock your device. However, keep in mind that you will be safe as long as you are not rebooting your device. If your device reboots, you will have to provide the passcode in order to access the device, and then, none of the other methods will work, not even the face unlock or fingerprint ID.

If you are stuck on the locked iPad screen, then there is still a way to unlock it without even entering your passcode. All you have to do is the factory reset your device in order to unlock it in case you have forgotten the screen lock password. Keep in mind that it will wipe all data stored in your device. Glady, you will be able to restore all your data using a backup if you have created it.

Here’s how to factory reset your iPad to reset the forgotten passcode:
On your computer or another smartphone, head to using a web browser.
Then, log in to your Apple iCloud account that is linked to your iPad.
Make your way to the Find iPhone icon.
Afterward, go to All Devices.
Select your iPad from the list.
Hit the Erase iPad button to hard reset your iPad.
Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the process.

Your iPad will now automatically reset, and all data/settings will be removed, including the screen lock or passcode that you forgot. Keep in mind that your iPad should be connected to the internet and turned on in order to use this method.

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