How to reset Google Account Password

At certain times, the customer may forget the Google password or there may be some possibility that the customer's account will be hacked. For those situations, a Google user can easily reset the password through the given below steps.

Steps to Reset Google Password

• Go to the official Google website to log in to your account.

• Enter the user id for the Google account

• You can easily find the option “I don't remember my password” option.

• Click on it and you will be redirected to the account recovery page.

• On the account recovery page, enter the email ID that you want to reset.

• The security question will be asked on this website that was asked at the time of the Google email registration.

• Answer correctly and reset your Google password.

• Try logging in using the new password you have reset.

In case you have lost your Google Account and want to do Google Account Recovery you can simply follow the procedure on the provided link.

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