How To Remote Control Linux From Windows

Maybe you have in the past configured a Linux server as the solution to network storage. Or maybe you have a Linux PC for work or for anything.
Whatever the case is, at some point in time, you will need to remotely access the Linux device from a Windows PC or laptop. So, what is the solution?
Windows users have access to several tools that allow for a simple remote desktop from Windows to Linux. Do you want to know how to access your Linux desktop from Windows? If yes, read on!

You’ll Need the Linux Device’s IP Address

Before you can start, you would have to find the IP address of your Linux device. You need this for all remote connection options, although in some cases, the hostname (which is the device’s network name) will be all you need.

The simplest way to check the IP address is to log in to you your Linux device and open the terminal. Enter:


The IP address of the device will be displayed on the screen.

If the Linux box has an Ethernet connection, the address will be listed beside eth0. If it’s connected wirelessly, look for the IP address that is listed opposite wlan0.

How to Access a Linux COmputer Desktop From Windows Through RDP

The first and easiest option is by using the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol(RDP), which is built into Windows.

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