How To Recycle Your Old Clothes

How To Recycle Your Old Clothes

We live in a world that is saturated with garbage and pollution. There are many ways to reduce our impact in this sense and one of them goes through recycling, which is nothing more than reusing waste by reintroducing it back into the life cycle of things.

When recycling, you can recycle almost anything. One of these things that can be recycled quite easily, in a very creative and responsible way, is clothing. If you want to know how to recycle old clothes, keep reading this article and we will reveal to you a few ideas that you will love.

When we talk about recycling used or old clothes, we are referring to clothes that are no longer worn. That is, clothes that, due to the passage of time or an accident, is no longer okay for us to put on or give to other people. In these cases, the most usual thing is to throw it away.

However, old clothes can have much more varied uses than you might think at first. For this, it will be necessary to take into account the type of clothing in question, as well as the state of the fabric and the possibilities it offers. Some of the best ideas for recycling your old clothes are the following:

Make Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins can be made from used clothing. To do this, simply cut the clothes into usable pieces. Discard parts that are in poor condition or do not work, but when we have enough pieces, we can sew the edges in a square or rectangle to make reusable cloth napkins that, in addition to being original, are much more environmentally friendly than paper ones.

Make Cloth Handkerchiefs

In this case, the technique is the same as in the case of napkins. In fact, the method of cutting the fabric and making the handkerchief will be the same. The only difference would be in the final use that. Handkerchiefs are complements that can go perfectly in the pocket of a jacket and that, in addition, are very useful in the case of flu.

To wash them, they can be introduced directly into the washing machine and will be as good as new. Much more environmentally friendly than disposable paper handkerchiefs!

Repurpose It Entirely

There are so many ways of repurposing your old clothes for something else entirely. There are those who recycle their old clothes to make doormats, rugs, tablecloths, curtains, cushion, beanbag, and just name it. 

The best thing is to keep the pieces of cloth in a box or bag and, when you have enough cloth, to create anything you want from the, either for the house or as a fashion accessory. You could just make a colorful scarf, which would be tremendously useful in winter, instead of throwing the clothes away.

By doing these, we will creatively reimagine fashion, have a healthier relationship with the environment, and save a lot of money that we can allocate to activities that really make us grow as humans.

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gotta get in the habit myself of being eco-friendly and reusing stuff u have 

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There are many great ways to recycle unwanted clothes into something that can be used

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There are many great ways to recycle unwanted clothes into something that can be used

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maybe doit toys

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