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As we have entered into a digitalized era, the habit of reading books is decreasing. This issue is getting serious with every passing day and that is why we notice teachers and institutes putting a lot of stress to develop reading habits among children as they can easily get all kinds of essay writing help online UK but reading sessions have to be done with individual efforts of the students. A few years ago reading books was an unnoticed part of life even if you didn’t like it as a hobby one had to do it for data or information collecting purposes that have been replaced by just a few clicks. Although technology has bestowed many benefits upon us which are convenient and time-saving, still one cannot diminish the importance of reading books. It is becoming rare by every passing day to find individuals who adopt reading as a hobby despite the fact that it is utterly important for not only learning a language but many life skills as well. Moreover, when they are assigned reading by their teachers it is done passively that leaves no impression on the mind of the reader resulting in further frustration. The purpose of reading is seldom fulfilled due to a lack of interest or wrong ways of attempting to read.
If you also feel that your readings assigned are going in vain and you do not get any kind of information, then you need to change the ways you are reading and turn the sessions into more productive ones.

Understand the purpose why do you have to read

The foremost thing is to understand why you are reading. Is it to gather information, understand the story of a literary piece or revising the chapter taught in class, as all these purposes will have different ways and outcomes. If you are reading for gathering information then you have to actively focus on the parts your relevant information is present instead of reading the whole excerpt. If it is a literary piece then you need to understand the plot, the characters and the story detailing to understand and enjoy the reading and if it is assigned by your teacher I would advise making small notes of important aspects of the story as you read.

Select a suitable environment

Your environment will have a deep impact on the outcomes of your readings. I have always preferred to have a reading corner in my room that helped to me to be in the mood of reading and be mentally prepared as soon as I used to sit in that corner with a book. Make it a personal space and try to make it a gadget-free zone to avoid distractions. Make sure that it is a quiet and well-lit place so that you are not stressed out during the session due to unnecessary noise or strain on your eyes.

Have an active reading session every time

Be active while reading and do whatever it takes to build and then maintain your interest. As mentioned earlier after understanding the purpose, develop a strategy that would help you to achieve that purpose. Keep a cup of tea or coffee with you to stay active and enjoy even if it is solely for academic reasons. Have little activities along with reading such as making pointers, writing information on sticky notes, etc. to keep your mind involves. To keep the interest intact do not have very long reading sessions and quit as soon as you realize that you are not able to concentrate anymore.

Read when you are willing to

Do not sit to read if you don’t feel like as you will only waste your time. Moreover, do not start reading if you have other homework or assignments to be completed. Always keep the reading sessions as the last task so that you are not in a hurry to finish and keenly concentrate.

Choose a format you are comfortable with

We are surrounded by gadgets and many of us are comfortable with digital formats than books. If you are willing to it is not necessary that you have to have a book in your hand. The purpose is to develop a habit so, choose the format you are most comfortable with.

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