How to Quickly Move From Traditional to Digital Marketing Strategies

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Today, the marketing industry is undergoing a significant transformation, how a customer engages with the business has shifted dramatically from traditional to the digital mode in recent years. These changes provide tremendous opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers through digital marketing. Digital mode of  marketing produces much more values when compared with a traditional approach, as it requires less cost with more outreach. It is focused, scalable and allows you to measure, monitor, analyze and test your marketing efforts. The key to maximize profit is to leverage all available digital options for marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the way of communicating value to your customers using the internet. With the emergence of the internet in all aspects of people’s life, marketing tools managed to evolve not only to create awareness and promote brands but also to provide a platform allowing businesses to reach an audience, whether locally, nationally or globally. Digital Marketing includes advertising like websites, blogs, emails and newsletters, paid searches (Google AdWords or Facebook ads) and social media like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram etc. To reach out to the target customers over the internet is called digital marketing.

How digital marketing is beneficial than traditional marketing.

There are many marketing channels that many marketers refer to as traditional marketing. Traditional marketing includes methods like newspaper ads, radio ads, magazines, flyers/brochures, television and billboards on the highways. Many companies are shifting their advertising budgets to digital because of values and benefits that it brings which traditional methods don’t. Here are some of the major benefits from digital marketing

1. Cost of Advertising

Newspaper, radio and television ads are costly. On the other hand, digital marketing is affordable and allows plenty of testing and optimization within your advertising budget. 

2. Real-time results

A huge advantage of digital marketing is the ability to track your efforts in real-time. You can’t do that with traditional marketing or even get precise measurements on your ROI.

3. Instant Publicity

Because of real-time reporting, you can generate instant publicity for your product or services. It’s almost unfair to compare that with traditional marketing because traditional marketing can’t even deliver in this regard. With digital marketing, you can instantly check likes, comments, impressions, shares, conversions, of your ads and your promotions.

4. Better engagement

Traditional marketing methods can’t precisely hold-in on your target audience. You never know if you are reaching the right customer for your business, it's an expensive, long and tedious process to track the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. On the other hand, digital marketing allows for quick engagement with your target customers.

5. Easy analytics

When Google acquired a company called Urchin in 2005, it developed as google analytics. It is an analytic tool which anyone who has a website can signup and install for free. Google analytics allows digital marketers to track user behaviour for your business, it includes web visitors, demographics, conversions and more. It alone puts digital marketing in a huge advantage which is impossible through traditional marketing.

Digital strategies to start with:


The goal with SEO (Search engine optimization) is to rank on the top of the search results in the search engine like Google and others. Giant search engines like Google use algorithms trying to push relevant information to the top of the page based on the searched keywords. To make your website rank on top of the page, Google offers a Search Engine Optimization starter guide to help website owners to improve their chances of earning the first-page appearance. For starters, it is a great idea to start with search engine optimization.

By Piyush Jain, Simpalm, a web development company in Chicago.

Social Media

Social Media is a great way to generate digital engagement and share valuable content to the audiences all while making it easy and entertaining for customers to engage. There has never been as much demand for social media marketing as it is now. The best part about social media marketing is that it is cost-efficient than any other marketing channel. For example, you can run a Facebook ad on your Facebook page which takes less time to set up and it takes no investment to start. In the beginning, it is required to focus on regularly posting content, using hashtags to make it more focused on your audience, and genuinely engaging with the audience.

By Sarah Walters, Marketing Manager.


A new report shows that every dollar a business spends on email marketing, they make about $40 in return, it shows that email marketing is an incredibly profitable marketing tool. Sending emails with the correct set of strategies has been profitable for businesses. There are email marketing tools like Sendgrid, ConstantConnect, Klenty and others, these tools provide bulk emailing services as well as tips for better customer engagement and driving more value through email marketing.

By Katie Holmes, Internet marketer at OutwitTrade.


It is a great idea to create a blog where you can put content to showcase your expertise. It is a great way to drive traffic into your website which further results in lead generation. A recent study shows that 70-80% of users skip over the google ads to click organic posts at the top of the search result. To market your product or services, blogging is the most effective way in the digital marketing space.

By Oren Greenberg, Digital marketing consultant.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing has some new techniques involved like SEO, content creation graphics, creative videos and more, but that doesn’t mean you need to know every single one of them. You can learn a lot about it online, or hire a consultant for a few days to set up your strategies. A general understanding of all the pieces will allow you to thrive in today’s digital market space. Following the right set of strategies can bring you the expected return on investment. To stay relevant in the market, the primary requisite is to shift focus from traditional to digital marketing channels.

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