How to make your first sex unforgettable

How to make your first sex unforgettable
Hello, my name is Anastasia. I'm a family and sex education psychologist and today I'm gonna tell you the seven rules of first sex with a man. I'm not talking about the first time. I'm talking about the first sex with this new man.
So what do you need to know and how to prepare. First prepared in terms of clothes, that is, choose some kind of sexy erotic lingerie something interesting for a man to remember it because for sure, then remembering your first time he will remember these stockings or these bandages or something else especially. What else do you need to prepare? Of course, your purse, just in case you have to have condoms in there. I understand that it's a man's responsibility, but things happen.
Prepare and with a mask, you might need, too, because the first time you might need it.
The second will be. Naturally, you don't have to lie down the log and wait for the man to do everything. You know, there are complaints from men that she just lies there and lets me touch her. That's all. Believe me, men don't like it. So you don't have to ride it masterfully. That you're experiencing some kind of orgasm. The man will feel flattery and he won't like it. So be natural. Let yourself be yourself.
This is the most important thing. And if you feel any discomfort, don't hesitate to tell the man something isn't very good here.Let's do it another way. so he knows how to treat you. third, remove the illusions. you don't have to think that the first sax will be something magical and the best for you. there's no way the first time is likely to be such an introductory first time it shows what your man's preferences are that he likes the way he moves. and it also shows him your body's desire. what you want and so on. fourth, you don't have to do anything wrong, so you have to have deep throat sex and so on for the first time.
No need. Believe me, such fantasies of course every man has. But if you want the first time to realize everything at once, the man is frightened and he probably second time and will not want because he will think she is so active such an advanced like I feel uncomfortable or think that you are with all men so watch out for your trump card in the form of a deep throat or some other interesting kind of sex for the next times when you will already know each other much better. do not need any experiments on this day.
Here's your money. You know you're gonna have sex tonight. You don't have to come up with some new kind of appeal. Because you might get annoyed. You don't have to do some intimate haircut. You don't have to use some diamonds that you don't know. It can all contribute to an unexpected reaction from your body or your partner's. So please, without any experiments, you're still in front of your whole life and you can experiment as much as you want, but definitely not the first time.
OK, guy, this is all that I can tell you. And if you can share with me more tips  I'm sure. It will be very helpful for my forwardness. OK, guys, love you. Well, don't forget to clack here Escorts in Delhi and Escort Service in Mahipalpur

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