How to make the most of the small kitchen area?

A kitchen with a sink and a mirror
Small apartments and homes give a warm and cozy vibe, but the small space in the kitchen area turns the experience upside down. But luckily, there are many ways through which you can adorn your small kitchen and maximize its efficiency.
So, whether your kitchen is in L-shape, rectangle shape, or just tucked in a corner, modular kitchen designs can give you an elite experience. It's all about making your cooking area functional in every sense.

So, here is a list of tips and tricks that will keep your modular kitchen in Noida streamlined and organized.
  • Addition of prep area
You can add a double-duty table that can work as a food prep area, dine area, or even storage area underneath. You can also add a floating table that you can use for having morning coffee.
  • Add some plants
Plants can add dynamic charm to any dull looking space. Yes, you can place plant pots in the window or at the corner of your kitchen.
  • Striking light fixtures
As good lighting is also necessary while cooking so try to install pendant light or some decorative fixtures in your prep area.
  • Be organized
When you have a little space, you can't afford to waste it, even the hidden area in the cabinets and corner areas. It becomes necessary to keep things well-organized. You can add spic-sorting systems, stock up risers, and any other advanced system.
  • Expand your kitchen using light colors
The lighter the kitchen, the larger it looks. If you have a window with a lovely view outside, it is a bonus point. You can complement your kitchen palette using colors influenced by nature. You can use light color countertops, walls, cabinets, and shelves to give an open feel to the kitchen.
  • Get rid of the mess
Add a prep area doesn't mean loading it with extra things. It will give a clumsy look to your cooking area. Always keep the space clear and decorate with a flower vase or striking showpiece.
  • Go for small appliance
Search for high-grade quality smaller appliances. Secondly, you can also use combination appliances like a microwave-convection-browning appliance to save some space in the cooking area.
  • Smaller wash area with a cover for utensils
You can also utilize your dishwashing area. Today all the sinks come with covers. When you complete dishwashing, you can cover the skink and keep things over it.
  • Patterns on the floor or walls
The use of patterns on the floor or wall gives a high-impact design element. For instance, you can use hand-painted cement tiles or wood-floor pattern rugs, floor stickers, wall decals, wallpaper, and patterned tiles.
  • Go for hard to wear surfaces
Everybody loves natural materials, but when it comes to durability, we tend to lean toward fabricated materials.

Wrapping up

These are just a few things that you can do with your kitchen to keep it organized. You can seek the assistance of professionals to design a modern modular kitchen in Noida and explore many other possibilities.

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