How to launch your Ride Sharing App Like Blablacar?

BlaBlaCar clone script is the most trending business concept in the transport industry in these days. Well there is no surprise in the success of a car pooling business like Blablarcar in this fast moving world. This is because, people don’t have patience or time to wait for a bus or any public transport in their busy schedule. All they need is instant solution with a reasonable cost. To resolve this dilemma, ride sharing apps like blablacar made their presence with innovative solutions.

Being the successive business model in this modern world, Blablacar clone script is the most desired clone script. Before diving into the conecpt in-depth, let me describe the special charecteristics and features of Blablarcar .

What is Blablacar ?

Blablacar is a online marketplace for a carpooling which was started in 2006. Blablacar’s both website and mobile applications connects the passengers who are looking for the long distance travel with drivers heading the same way and so they can travel together and share the cost for their journey.

Being the world’s successive long distance carpooling platform, Blablcar upholds more than 80 million drivers and passengers in top 22 countries like France, Germany, India, Belgium and much more. In addition, 263 kilometers is the average distance of a BlaBlaCar trip and more than 25 million travelers have acquired their service. As a profitable business model, the Blablacar’s success inspires several entrepreneurs and start-ups towards Blablacar’s clone app development

Why need Blablacar clone?

As a matter of fact, car sharing app is the highly used online feature in the present scenario of travel. As the number of people who rely on road travel raised eminently and so the need for carpool increased simultaneously. Here is a chart which explores the growth of ride sharing industry


Well the entrepreneurs and startups who are looking for simple & quick launching business finds this car sharing script as the most preferable business idea.

Initially, Blablacar Clone is nothing but a ride sharing app which entrust you to develop your own ride sharing application to offer affordable and convenient and user friendly ride sharing service to you valuable clients with just few clicks. Moreover, the rides become more convenient with multiple payment options.

Blablacar’s Clone - With Mobile App & Website:

If you are an entrepreneur or startup who are looking forward to kick-start your online business like car pooling business with Blablacar clone app, then MacAndro, a leading carpooling app development company, is here to offer end-to-end solution to help you in bringing your car pooling business idea into reality with our amazing script along with feature rich applications and high performing website. Our experts are highly reputed and recognized in building successful Blablacar’s clone app & website with exceptional features according to your requirements. 

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