How to increase your sales using Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is one of the most popular techniques these days. In fact, everyone wants to publish digital content and get known on the internet, which is the space for the greatest dissemination of information.

If you have your business and are interested in growing, you must be thinking: but can I also profit from Digital Marketing? Why am I still not ahead of the competition as I wanted? What can I do better?

These questions are very common, especially if you are just starting out. And to help you answer all of them, we have separated a practical guide to increase your sales using Digital Marketing strategies. Do not miss this opportunity!

Before you start, do you know what Digital Marketing is?
Everyone knows: you can no longer promote your brand with quality and return without using the internet. And Digital Marketing arrives precisely to help build virtual campaigns, which attract the attention of users.

In this sense, we can say that Digital Marketing strategies are sets of actions that aim to attract and convert the public. It all depends, in practice, on what are the goals you set for your business.

For e-commerce platforms, internet sales can benefit greatly from a Digital Marketing strategy. You can attract new interested parties, promote different products and carry out the entire online sales process, with the help of a good advertising campaign.

Why is Digital Marketing important to your business?
Some data, easily found by anyone who owns a business, can prove the relationship between Digital Marketing and sales success. There is no doubt that people interact much more on the internet with companies, in relation to the physical space.

In the first half of last year alone, sales growth in e-commerce, that is, over the internet, increased by 12%. And the trend is that there is an increasing audience within digital platforms.

In fact, the modern consumer is marked by two interesting traits to understand the growth of the digital environment: immediacy and comfort. Everyone wants to have the purchase options available on the spot, and without having to go to a store.

Where do I start?
Now that you already know what Digital Marketing is, and saw that it can be very important, it's time to understand how to get started. If you still don't know how to get started with success, you're in the right place!

1. Set up a complete plan

The first step to succeed in your Digital Marketing strategies is to put together a complete plan. It is necessary to see where your company is and what the most specific needs are.

Note that, as we are talking about increasing sales, purchasing by the user will always be a priority goal. However, it is possible to have other goals, as we will talk about later.

In addition to objectives, your planning needs to have:

● Types of actions and campaigns;

● Disclosure platforms;

● Ad tools used (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, among others);

● Monitoring and measurement tools;

● Necessary budget;

● Expectation of return;

● Cash handling,

You better be prepared! So add as many items as you need to your final planning.

2. Set goals
As we were talking about, goals don't always have to be linked to sales. E-commerce platforms generally put sales at the forefront, and that is really a necessary goal.

However, keep a secondary focus on actions that help sales indirectly. Having a good relationship with the public, for example, helps because it improves a customer's chances of returning.

The same is true for data collection from users, through registration and forms. You can use this information to send newsletters or promotions by email.

Each of these goals has different conversions within the site, and needs a specific strategy. So be sure to explore various digital marketing tools and techniques.

3. Bet on your official website

Many people who are starting out in the world of Digital Marketing keep their focus on social networks. In fact, they are widely accessed and are excellent channels for capturing leads and attracting public attention.

However, it is essential to note that you are not going to make any sales through social networks. If you do, it will be through that site's marketplace, and not through its platform. That's why it is necessary to stay focused on your website as well.

The secret to having a good official website is the ease with which the customer accesses information. He needs to have a simplified shopping journey, with intuitive steps that don't take too long. If none of this happens, he will probably look for the competition!

4. Write with content marketing
One of the well-known ways of writing blog posts is content marketing. This is a strategy that consists of presenting interesting content that has real value for the user.

You need to speak the language of the audience to communicate efficiently, posting highly informative content. After all, customers are already tired of empty advertisements, which add nothing to the consumer.

For that, the best tip is to be creative! You can bet on practical guides, introductions to topics or even educational content. Your brand advertising will enter as a secondary item, but it will exist.

5. Create a recurring schedule
Digital Marketing can happen all the time. It is possible for a user to access your content at dawn, while you sleep, for example. This makes the possibilities of schedules vary.

So how do you know when to post? Analyzes of advertising tools, such as Google Ads, are essential in this process. You should check the results and see when the majority of users in your audience are online.

With that data in hand, create a personalized agenda! So, you put deadlines on your actions and you will know exactly when to post and when interactions will be downloaded.

In practice, doing this exercise impacts even your budget. You won't have to spend on campaigns that don't have a high interaction rate.

Tips for using Digital Marketing in sales
Okay, you already have almost everything to proceed with your Digital Marketing strategy. However, it can be tricky to get your hands dirty in the beginning. And so that you don't get lost, we have separated some essential tips. Follow!

Update audience analysis
Before starting your business, you must have defined a target audience for all actions. In fact, it is necessary to know what type of consumer likes the product. If you have not already done so, it is necessary to go ahead to have a defined audience.

To improve your Digital Marketing actions, it is necessary to review and study your target audience. Luckily, most tracking tools provide data on visitors, such as age and location. This is done mainly on social networks.

An audience may change over time, and that happens with most products that are sold online. Your mission is to keep up to date so as not to make disclosures with incorrect parameters.

Keep an eye on social media
Social networks are milestones in advancing virtual sales. You cannot develop marketing strategies to sell without them. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to these platforms.

Social networks work in a unique way, because they receive many visitors a day. In addition, they bring together several competitors in one place. The number of company pages we have on Facebook, for example, is no joke.

Our tips for keeping an eye on social media are simple. Don't forget to follow the metrics on your page and be frequent. If you don't post every week or every day, depending on the industry, the tendency is to fall by the wayside.

Bet on mobile-friendly
Mobile-friendly is a term that is on the rise these days. And this is a great tip for those who want to boost sales! In simple terms, being mobile-friendly means having a platform adapted for all mobile devices.

After all, we know that a smartphone screen is not the same as a computer screen. The interfaces are different, and your website needs to adapt to them. There are domains that already do this for you!

It all depends on which interface you choose to use. If you buy paid WordPress services, for example, the mobile-friendly feature is guaranteed. Be sure to check out more information about this part with your developer.

Don't forget different formats
When we talk about advertising formats on digital platforms, we can think of products that are consumed within the internet. Everyone thinks about text dissemination, for example, but that is not the only possibility.

You can also publish images and videos, as long as the chosen platform supports this format. On Instagram, for example, it is even better to focus on audiovisual resources, in relation to texts.

You can also work with so-called infoproducts, which are goods consumed exclusively on the internet. They can be online courses, video classes or even e-books on the chosen subject.

Be sure to expand your horizons! Companies that are creative and think in different formats have greater chances of success in the virtual market, which is so competitive.

Bet on call-to-action
Call-to-action is an interesting tool in contact with the public, because it encourages decision-making and contact with your platform. This feature is well known in texts, but it can also be inserted in videos or photos.

Basically, call-to-action is that phrase that you put at the end of a post. It aims to encourage consumers to do something. This action depends on the objectives of that advertisement and the type of response you need from the consumer.

You can advertise a campaign and put a call-to-action for sale at the end. “Did you like our article? Then visit our page to discover the products that will help you achieve this result ”, is a more generic example of a call possible.

Build a customer relationship
You cannot bet on new customers every time you advertise a campaign. Indeed, the objective is the market growth and expansion of the target audience. However, it is possible that a significant percentage of accesses are from old customers.

And this is very good, as it creates consistency in the actions of consumers and increases sales in an impressive way. It's like having a customer loyalty on the internet!

For that to happen, building good relationships is ideal. Be sure to contact the consumer after purchase. After-sales is interesting to get feedbacks and reviews of the purchase.

Relationships are long jobs, and you need to be aware of consumer needs. Don't forget to use offers and promotions to your advantage.

Beware of negative feedback
Negative feedback can occur both in a purchase process, and in content disclosed. And in order not to end your campaign, you need to have a match and know how to make your actions more flexible.

Our tip is to maintain a pleasant posture and never respond aggressively. Trying to solve any problem that the customer is having is the priority, which you cannot fail to fulfill.

To erase a bad experience, don't forget to offer exclusive products or gifts. Thus, the chances of building a relationship increase.

Now you know: Digital Marketing is a powerful tool for online sales, and also for maintaining a quality relationship with your consumers. How about starting to explore some strategies today?

If you have any questions or need guidance regarding Digital Marketing, we can also help you. For that, just leave your comment below and we will answer!

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