How to fix yahoo mail not working on android?

How to fix yahoo mail not working on android?

Yahoo email does not need any type of formal introduction it’s used by every internet user worldwide. And you can sign up for the Yahoo email from any device and anytime. However, sometimes people complain that they were unable to log in to the Yahoo account or the account stopped responding on the android device. If you ever face any such similar issue then you can easily fix it with the help of troubleshooting steps.

Steps to fix the Yahoo email not working in android

1. If you are unable to log in to the Yahoo email then maybe it’s because the internet is not working. And to fix the issue, check the network settings of the device and then log in again.
2. Sometimes users are unable to log in to their Yahoo email because they either forgot the email password or the account got hacked. You can take the help of account recovery methods and then you can reset the password.
3. Clear all the cache files or cookies from the search history of the phone and then log in back. At times because of the piled up cache history, the yahoo web page stops responding.
4. If you use any browser to log in to Yahoo mail then ensure to update the app and keep it memory-free so that you can log in freely.
5. In case you use the yahoo email app then shut the application and then uninstall it. Now install it again with the latest update and then log in back.

And hence, you can fix the issue of Yahoo mail not working on android. In case of doubts, contact customer service.

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