How To Fix An Unmountable Boot Volume In Windows 10

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The Unmountable Boot Volume Windows stop code error is very frustrating. Since it usually stops you from getting into your Windows, you can’t troubleshoot it like you would do with other errors.
However, it’s also possible to fix this error with the right methods. We would show you how to fix the unmountable boot volume error and get back into your Windows PC.

What Is the Unmountable Boot Volume Error? 

The “boot volume” is the partition of your hard drive that holds together your Windows. This error happens when your computer can not load Windows properly, resulting in a blue screen of death.
A “stop code” is the particular error message that identifies the problem that your Windows ran into in this case, it is the unmountable boot volume stop code.
It usually happens due to a damaged file system or a corrupted Windows files. Mostly, you would see it after applying a major Windows update. While this error can also come from an improperly configured BIOS system, that’s rarely the case unless you have recently modified the BIOS.
Thankfully, this error doesn’t always mean that your hard drive is dying.

Step 1: Reboot The PC and See If It Happens Again

Same as most blue screen messages, the unmountable boot volume error is not always something to worry about if you are only seeing it once. In some cases, Windows runs into a temporary hiccup that you never have an issue with again.
If you notice the unmountable boot volume error blue screen while working with your windows pc, restart your PC and try to log into it again. You should be clear if the error does not return for some time.

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