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find location by cell phone number
In this technological era where everything has become so advanced and easy, it is possible to find someone's location by cell phone number or track a person through his/her phone number. If you want to locate your friend or you want to report an unwanted call, everything is possible by finding the current location of that phone number. In this article, we are going to provide you simple and useful tricks to find someone's location using their cell phone number. These tricks can be used for both, personal and business purposes.

At times we are irritated with countless spam calls. The best solution is to type in a phone number, track and report the number. The best way is to take web or an application help track the number’s location.


These days one of the best services to find the info related to any cell phone number is your reverse phone number lookup in this site will include the names of the person or persons registered to the phone number, regardless of whether it is a cell phone or landline. You will also find the time zone and location of the number.

These are other tips to find the information of any cell phone:

Trace location of your known contacts

We have been blessed with countless applications that can be used for tracing locations of your known ones. If you want to know where your friends or family members are, it will take just seconds to figure that out. These applications are super easy to use and download on all types of mobile phone platforms. These applications are featured with amazing characteristics that allow people to track down any number.

Features of phone number tracking applications

  • The various features of such phone number tracking applications include:    
  • The applications are absolutely free and can be downloaded within seconds.   
  • These applications are supported on all the operating systems and devices. So, you can track through your smartphone, laptop and tablet. 
  • You can also track phone numbers by SMS or whatsapp messages through these applications.
  • The person whose number is being traced for the location won’t know it that he/she is being tracked.
   Applications Supported Phones
  • All kinds of mobile phones are supported by these applications as long as it has SIM Card or have mobile number and GPS
  • Android, iOS, Windows, BlackBerry etc.
The applications such as GPS Phone and Locate Any Phone can be used to trace locations of any number within seconds on real time basis.

These applications are best when you want to know the location of people you already know or you have the contact saved in your mobile phone.


How to trace the location of an unknown person?

If you want to track someone’s location by cell phone number, that is not a part of your social network, you can use various web services or mobile applications. There are numerous websites that allow you to search location of unknown contacts.
  • TechWelkin: This is a renowned mobile number tracker tool. It allows you to find the cellular operator and the city/area of the number registration. It also flashes the name of the person also.
  • Free Cell Phone Lookups: The application Free Cellphone Lookups is used when you want to trace the location of someone who is not the part of your social network. This is a web service. You just have to become member of this and you can know whereabouts of any number easily. Just type in a phone number and you can get detailed report about the number on real time basis effortlessly including the location. 
You can also try other available websites and application that allow you to search through public records on real time basis.

   Here is the list of other applications that you can use to trace locations:
  • Glympse 
  • Real Time GPS tracker    
  • Open GPS tracker
  • GPS tracking Life 360
  • Where’s my Droid
These applications can be downloaded from the play store easily. These are absolutely free of cost. You can download them on your device and can trace the location of any number at your comfort.

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Thank you for your advice.  I'm interested in this topic. My son is a teenager. He's 14. It's hard for me to know where he goes during the day and who he's talking to.
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