How to Find Remote Jobs Desk?

This platform\'s scope is not to facilitate any specific region or ethnicity but a global audience and the mass recruiters from any country. If you are confused about finding a relevant job in the remote hiring industry, here are some smart search options for the recruiters and the remote employees.
Job Search Options for Employees
With the diversity of employees looking for remote jobs, we have made the job hunting process a lot more effective and easier. With the given options to look for a remote job, you won’t miss a single job update from now own. Here are some options on the Remote Jobs Desk platform that you can choose:
By Subscribing to our Newsletter
Subscribing to the Remote Jobs Desk newsletter is a must for almost every user from any sector of professional life. We keep sharing informational content and industry updates that might benefit you. You can get daily, weekly, or monthly job updates right in your inbox. Once you have entered your email address for our newsletter, you can choose any specific tags to prioritize and filter out the relevant job posts.
You can choose to receive all the job posting updates or about any specific discipline. You are always in control, so you can change the newsletter stats any time or cancel the newsletter subscription. You have the freedom to choose any option that you feel comfortable with. We don’t spam your inbox.
By Using Search Tags
On the main page of the marketplace, you will find different tags available. There is also a search box that you can use to search for any specific company, job, or location. Here are some ways to use the tags to find the right remote job:
All Tags Search
On this page, you will find unique tags for each post. By clicking on any tag, you can find the relevant jobs in that category.
Specific Tag Search
If you choose any specific tag like “JavaScript,” you will discover all the job posts with the JavaScript developer requirement.
Hiring remote employees and finding remote jobs for a brighter future, the Remote Jobs Desk platform has solved these two major challenges. Now, recruiters and the remote workers can easily use this platform\'s straightforward job search engine to post and find the perfect relevant job opportunity anywhere around the globe.
Search by Location
You are provided with a list of more than 207 locations including top countries and cities. You can choose any specific city name or country to find all the relevant jobs in that area. Using the “search by location” option for a broader search scope is a great way to find all the jobs in a specific country. This search option will give you access to all jobs posted for a specific country.
Jobs Search for Developers
The software development industry is the biggest fan of remote jobs. If you are a developer and want to find the right development job as per your expertise, you can use the RSS feed, or the API to know more about the available jobs.
How to Post Jobs as Recruiter?
As the platform is meant to be a complete marketplace, recruiters can find the largest talent pool. The posting job is straightforward with the interactive UI. If you want to hire remote employees, the Remote Jobs Desk platform offers a wide range of options to make your advertisement a lot more attractive and engaging.
Attract more Applicants with Exclusive Features
Every recruiter wants to attract a diversity of the applicants, the platform offers premium features to highlight your ad from the rest of the jobs. Designing your job post with the right tools can give your business more visibility and prominence. Here are some features to gain more applicants:
Show Company Logo
Ads with a company logo are more likely to get double views than ads with no brand identity. Adding a company logo can make your ad stand out from the rest.
Highlight your Post
Yellow highlight is an amazing feature if you want quick applications. This feature helps the businesses to distinguish ads with visuals.
Use Brand Color in Ads
If your brand identity consists of any specific colors, represent the company aesthetics in your ad and highlight your ad with the same brand colors.
Sticky Ads on Homepage
Ads on the top of the home page receive 8X more views. This feature allows the recruiters to stick their ad on the top of the home page for 30 days.
Remote Jobs DESK

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