How to Enjoy Twitch Without Buffering or Disconnects

Can’t calmly watch Twitch because it keeps buffering or disconnecting? Here is how to fix it and enjoy Twitch streams.


Although the technology lets us all enjoy HD streaming wherever we are there are still many people encountering such problems as buffering and Twitch users are not an exception. We all know how buffering can be annoying and not just buffering, sometimes you can even get disconnected from the internet which sounds even worse.


Sometimes because of buffering it will take a lot of time for a stream to load, sometimes the buffering can start in the middle and makes it impossible to enjoy what you want. Buffering can also cause resolution problems, instead of high resolution you can end up with low resolution.

There could be few reasons why your Twitch keeps buffering and there are ways how to stop it.

Why does Twitch keeps buffering

There are three reasons why twitch keeps on buffering and disconnecting:

  1. Twitch itself causes the buffering. Sometimes Twitch encounters problems itself (but of course they fix it as soon as they can). You can follow their twitter account for news and updates on this problem.
  2. The device you use is the problem. The device you are using might be a little bit outdated and old to handle twitch streams.
  3. Internet connection. Your internet connection is too weak, too slow or too unstable.

How to fix these problems? Talking about Twitch problems in itself, there is nothing you can do just stay informed and wait. Talking about your device issues (or your device software issues) if your device is not older than 3 years no issues should occur, if it is older maybe you should reconsider getting a new one. Software issues might also cause twitch buffering, in this case you will need to check if your software is up to date, you can try reinstalling your Twitch app or if you are using it on your browser the browser could also be the problem, try using another one than you usually use.

Slow or Unstable Internet will cause Twitch Buffering. How to fix it


The slow or unstable internet is the most often explanation behind buffering Twitch or on any other bandwidth heavy platform as a matter of fact. If you have slow internet you will always encounter problems with streaming Twitch.

Slow internet will result in low resolution, buffering and stuttering. And this is really what you do not want to go through.

The problem could be that you do not pay for a fast enough internet, but in this age of technology and fast internet availability this sounds strange. Usually most of us have quite fast internet connections and still encounter buffering on Twitch, but there is more to this problem than just having slow internet in general.

Twitch Buffering on Fast Internet Connection

There are few reasons why you still encounter Twitch buffering even though you have a fast internet connection:

  • ISP is throttling you. Some ISPs (for example Comcast) are known for throttling their customers. Throttling appears when ISP decides to limit internet connection speed for specific, usually bandwidth heavy platforms, such as Youtube, Twitch, Netflix and torrents. If ISP is throttling you there is no surprise why you encounter Twitch lags and buffers then.
  • Temporary technical issues with ISP. Of course there are always issues with the internet service provider itself, it might be temporary and soon to be fixed, so do not get scared if you encounter buffers one day, the other day might get better. Also check if you are getting the bandwidth you are paying for.
  • Peering issues. The ISP might have peering issues with Twitch platform and couldn’t perform as good as it should.
  • Traveling. And if you are traveling somewhere the problem might be the connection or the public wifi that you use while traveling. Public wifi is usually very restrictive what deals with bandwidth heavy platforms.

If your ISP is the problem, if it doesn’t work with Twitch you should change it or if the bandwidth you pay for is too low for Twitch — upgrade your plan. If you are traveling there is nothing much you can do, you can avoid public wifi and use your own data. Or enjoy life without Twitch for a little while.

If ISP is throttling you (which is quite often the case) try using a VPN.

How to avoid ISP throttling on Twitch

ISP throttling appears when ISP on purpose limits your internet connection speed, this usually happens when you use bandwidth heavy platforms such as Twitch. ISP can easily see what websites you visit and how much data you use on them, by seeing this they can limit your connection speed during that time and this will cause Twitch to buffer.

How to fix this kind of Twitch buffering? Use a VPN. It is quite simple, VPN encrypts your traffic and changes your IP address, by doing so VPN can make you anonymous and prevent ISP from seeing what you are doing online. If your ISP cannot see this means it cannot limit your internet connection. As I said — quite simple.

All you need to do know is get a VPN that has strong encryption, doesn’t collect logs, has fast servers and is easy to use. Get a VPN like Surfshark, which is not expensive ($2 per month), which is easy to use and which is secure. Also Surfshark supports an unlimited number of devices so you can get one account and share it with your loved ones.


When you choose a VPN, connect to the nearest servers (they will be the fastest for you), turn on a kill-switch on your VPN app and enjoy fast internet connection.


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