How to Enjoy Home Swapping During COVID-19 Pandemic?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the travel industry severely, and the housing swap is no exception. Fortunately, in this article, we’ve rounded up a couple of powerful tips on how to enhance your house swap description in a way that will attract vacationers even during this pandemic and make them feel safe at your house!

Cleaning Guidelines

Add guidelines about the rules of your house if you have any. It could be the smallest of the rules like “sanitize your hands before stepping-in.” Although these rules of COVID-19 seem common, it will show guests how serious you are about keeping your house safe and clean and will make them feel better while choosing your abode for their stay. If your city has strict restrictions, even if moderate or just cautionary, let your home swapping partner knows about them. Also, feel free to ask them how the COVID-19 situation is in the area they live in. Let your potential guests know in advance what to expect and how to plan their trip.

Highlight the Local Business

Since avoiding crowded places is the mantra to stay safe from coronavirus, in your description mention all the local businesses in your proximity. Be it the hardware store a couple of blocks away, mom and pop shops, grocery malls, and pet store - it will convey that your house is appropriately situated for a comfortable stay and necessary amenities nearby.

Proximity to the Nearest Medical Facility

Proximity to emergency clinics, COVID-19 testing areas, and drug stores are an excellent detail to add to your posting. It can help put the anxious minds of potential guests at rest by assuring them that if there was an emergency, they won’t be stranded without any medical attention.

In-house Entertainment:

Throw light on the entertainment options you have in your house to keep your guests entertained. You could mention things like Netflix, Backyard swing, library, your collection of music, anything that would grab the attention of the traveler and make them want to choose your house. This would tell them that even if the theatres and restaurants were closed, your home would be enough to keep them entertained.

Outdoor Entertainment:

Include any of the safe outdoor spots that you think could work like a charm for your listing! It could be a small patio where the guests can dine or a garden where they can laze around or catch up on reading. It might be a small detail to you, but for somebody planning to stay at your house to relax, it could be decisive.

Let’s Wrap Up

If the coronavirus situation in your neighborhood isn’t good, then it is advisable to wait a while before you list your home over a holiday exchange site.
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