How To Combine Feng Shui With Your Fashion Style

How To Combine Feng Shui With Your Fashion Style

If you are interested in the ancient practice of Feng Shui, here is an opportunity to implement it into your daily fashion choice. Do you know that Feng Shui can help you guide your choice of color? Well, in this article, we are going to break it down for you, and you can start operating on a greater level.

The Perfect Colors For Your Monday Wears

On Monday the main character is the moon. The moon is also associated with the female figure. To help you generate positive energies, go with colors like white, nacreous and grayish. It can also be beneficial to go with the brightest greens, as they are associated with life and fertility.

The Perfect Colors For Your Tuesday Wears

This is the day of the week for Mars, always associated with man. The colors you should use are all those that fall within the range of reds, oranges and roses, but of strong intensity. Bet on them, especially if it is an important day at work, as they will help you achieve what you set out to do.

The Perfect Colors For Your Wednesday Wears

This day corresponds to Mercury and the tones that should accompany you are all those that belong to the purple range, such as lilac, violet or magenta. Do you like to meditate? Well it's the perfect day to devote a part of your time to it.

The Perfect Colors For Your Thursday Wears

The planet Jupiter is the central character of this day of the week. The colors that should be prevalent in your clothes are the blue ones, whatever the tonality may be. Wear these tones so that your workday may be a success from the beginning to the end.

The Perfect Colors For Your Friday Wears

Friday is associated with the planet Venus, also an exponent of the female figure. Yellows and roses are the best colors on your clothes to attract all positive energies. Take this day to do all those jobs and activities that have to do with creativity.

The Perfect Colors For Your Saturday Wears

The first day of the weekend is Saturn. The color that will help you, even if it surprises you, is black. Choose a garment of that tone and take advantage of the day to be with your family and friends and find out if everything is fine in their lives, since intuition will be on your side.

The Perfect Colors For Your Sunday Wears

The last day of the week is the day of the sun. Therefore the best tones to wear are the golds, since they will give you a lot of energy and vitality to enjoy a day dedicated to your partner and your family.

Whether you believe in Feng Shui or not, you would agree that those are beautiful colors, and it doesn’t do any harm in spicing up your wardrobe and life with some more colors. Now that you know the colors for each day of the week according to Feng Shui, you can go ahead and make the most of them.

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