How to Color Your Own T-Shirt: Top 5 Steps

If you love crafts, you would definitely love to customize your own T-shirt with the quotes or designs you like the most. You can use the best quality color kits to make the T-shirt painting job done in the most efficient way possible.

Designing your own T-shirt gives you the freedom to wear what you want to. With fabric printing designs, you can design your own T-shirts. While the printing methods might feel tricky at first, it should get easier once you've had some practice. You would find coloring kits online that you can buy for printing purpose. Transfer printing is the best choice for a one-time project. Screen printing needs more specialized supplies but it enables you to print many shirts from a single image.

Coloring your T-shirt and customizing it proves your creativity and artistic skill. If you love customization and crafting, you would definitely love giving new look to your dresses. There are multiple options to color your tees and dresses. You can simply dye them with food color or buy color your own t-shirt kits to give your tees a completely new and elegant look. There are several sites that offer coloring kits from where you can buy one and do the craft your t-shirt.

If you love customizing T-shirts but have no idea how to do that, this content is for you. We have shared below a few steps by following which you can color your own T-shirt with color kits. Just read on to get an extensive guide on how to give your t-shirt a new look –

Step 1 –
Get a plain T-shirt and wash it to remove any shrinking. This will remove any potential starch or stiffener that might prevent the paint from sticking properly.

Step 2 –
Set up your work area. Spread some newspaper or blotting papers on a table, and get anything that might get ruined out of the way.

Step 3 –
Keep a piece of cardboard inside the T-shirt. The cardboard should be about the same size as the shirt.

Step 4 –
Now paint your design with color kits. Consider using the best quality color kits that can give you the permanent coloring solution.

Step 5 –
Let the color dry. Once the paint dries, you can flip it around and paint the back as well. Keep the cardboard inside the shirt and let the paint dry.

Now remove the cardboard and wear your T-shirt. You can find several e-commerce sites that sell ‘color your own T-shirt kit’. Just find the right one and order your color kits today! Remember, it is the best way to show your creativity and gift someone the best T-shirt ever at your budget.

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