How To Clean Your House

The question of how to properly clean an apartment is often difficult, due to the inability to completely remove dirt. This happens when unsuitable compounds, improperly selected inventory and excessive efforts are used to clean the apartment, which only lead to surface damage.

Correct cleaning processes

To clean an apartment, housewives, in the old-fashioned way, tidy up and put all things in their places, dust them, vacuum the carpets and wash the floors. They consider the cleaning of the apartments complete, despite the dust in the corners, the fact that the carpets are cleaned only superficially, and the walls and household appliances retain grease.
The imperfection of cheap detergent compositions, or their incorrect selection, leads to the fact that it is impossible to thoroughly clean all surfaces. The use of washing vacuum cleaners corrects the situation, but its attachments do not go into narrow slots, and after using it, you need to wipe the washed surfaces dry by hand.

The apartment is cleaned in this sequence

  1. clean the ceiling and cornices from dust and cobwebs;
  2. the walls are washed only if they are not covered with paper-based wallpaper;
  3. we clean furniture, we clean household appliances - if necessary, dry cleaning of soft sofa coverings is carried out;
  4. we clean the floor properly with a dry method and remove dirt with a vacuum cleaner for cleaning floors;
  5. we remove the remaining water from the flooring.
Various cleaning activities are carried out in all parts of the apartment. It is difficult to eliminate greasy dirt in the kitchen, therefore, special components are used that clean household appliances and modern equipment, which is able to remove fat on the most difficult bends, leaving an impeccably clean surface.
Sometimes, home cleaning methods are used for household appliances, it is important to follow the advice exactly and follow the recipe.
The employees of the "LifeCleanToday" company will save your time and carry out all the necessary cleaning services for the apartment!

In the kitchen area:

  1. the ceilings are cleaned with special equipment - for this, special compositions are used;
  2. the walls are washed - if they are covered with an old layer of fat, a steam generator is used to remove it;
  3. furniture is washed and polished;
  4. also? the soft parts of the kitchen corner are cleaned with dishwashing detergents;
  5. cleaning household appliances, taking into account the characteristics and rules of caring for it, often using soda and vinegar;
  6. cleaning the front of the furniture cover - often this work requires special washing techniques and special compositions to acquire a lively shine;
  7. proper washing inside drawers - especially plywood should not be moistened abundantly so that it does not warp;
  8. then clean the lighting devices, without damaging the coating with glass cleaner;
  9. dry cleaning of the floor, depending on what it is covered with and its subsequent treatment with a washing vacuum cleaner;
  10. wiping the floor dry in apartments;
  11. washing windows with sills and door sashes with boxes.

In hygienic parts of the room

Where water is regularly used, special cleaning techniques are needed to prevent mold and mildew. Therefore, not only cleaning is carried out there, but also proper disinfection:
  1. ceiling coverings are washed;
  2. cleansing, without streaks, of the walls of the premises
  3. taking into account the requirements for operation, boilers of different capacities and washing machines are washed - in order to clean their surfaces from all sides, they are disconnected from the power supply;
  4. sanitary tanks are washed and disinfected;
  5. lighting installations, glass and mirror surfaces are washed;
  6. cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and, with selected compositions, carpets;
  7. proper washing and treatment with compounds that repel floor contamination.


In living rooms and sleeping areas

All types of carpets, window coverings, sofa bedspreads and bed linen are removed before cleaning begins. After removing the carpets, people send them to the dry cleaners. after all, they do not have special tools and means to clean carpets well on their own. For this reason, some people hire a cleaning company,, because such a service has all the necessary tools to read carpets in your home. And the cleaning process is faster and better than when the owners clean the house themselves. And, only after that, the following processes are carried out:
  1. cleaned and processed in a special way to give whiteness to the ceiling surfaces;
  2. stains are eliminated, and then the walls are fully cleaned, for which the furniture is first moved;
  3. all furniture coatings are cleaned and polished - clothes are pre-removed for cleaning inside the cabinet;
  4. deeply cleaned with a chemical method, carpets and window coverings - when using vertical cleaning mechanisms, they do not need to be removed from the eaves;
  5. using special cleaning openings, windows are washed to an exceptional degree of transparency, frames and window sills are freed from dirt; are brought in a state that is pleasing to the eyes of the slopes;
  6. balconies and loggias are fully cleaned from top to bottom - the number of cleaning compounds that goes to cleaning them reaches five;
  7. dry cleaned and washed with equipment, with various compositions, floor surfaces;
  8. books are cleaned of dust by simple tapping and decorative gizmos that make up the decoration of the living room;
  9. washing a variety of lamps with liquid for washing glass and large elements of decorating the living room and bedroom;
  10. cleaning and polishing door leaves and frames in living rooms and bedrooms;
  11. polishing and finishing of high gloss compounds on wood and composite coatings.

In the corridor parts of the apartment

All people enter the apartment through the hallway, so it generates the most debris and dirt. Hygiene procedures in the corridor must be performed every day, otherwise it will look extremely untidy and debris will be transferred to the rooms. The following stages of work are carried out for cleaning the hallway:
  1. elimination of dirt and dust from the ceiling, and especially the upper corners of the hallway;
  2. cleaning and processing of walls with compounds that are selected depending on the materials from which they are made;
  3. cleaning and polishing wooden furniture, its plastic and metal components;
  4. care for decorative elements made of glass and with a mirror surface;
  5. full care of wooden or metal door leaves, and boxes for them;
  6. dry cleaning of various types of soft flooring, or dry cleaning it directly on the floor;
  7. dry dust removal and cleaning floors with a washing vacuum cleaner;
  8. additional elimination of dirt and debris in the corners of the room.

In conclusion, some tips from cleaning professionals

  • never save on detergents - it is more profitable to take effective formulations, which are somewhat more expensive, but due to the density they are consumed longer;
  • use home-made cleaning compounds in accordance with the recipe;
  • buy a washing vacuum cleaner - it will save you from the routine of washing floors;
  • purchase a steam generator - it will make it easy to remove stubborn dirt;
  • in order not to do double work, start cleaning from top to bottom;
  • the cleanliness of the rooms directly depends on the cleanliness of the hallway, so clean it every day;
  • Clean the floor covering in modern ways along the entire length of the pile.
After such procedures, your cleaned apartment will shine from ceiling to floor and smell with a combination of pleasant aromas.
The correct sequence of cleaning in apartments, the choice of tools for its implementation and the little effort that is required for this will give you confidence in your abilities and a pleasant feeling from being in your own room.

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