How to Choose Gold Earrings?

Gold earrings fall under two categories: contemporary and traditional. Traditional earrings can be pearl earrings, silver earrings, diamond gold earrings or jade earrings. Most traditional earrings are pragmatic emitters, classic and have a simple shape because they are mostly worn by middle aged women or older women.

Contemporary earrings, on the other hand, don’t have simple shapes like round and rectangular but have more complex shapes. Also, their size ranges from small to medium to large and the large ones might cover half of the face. Modern earrings are also made of attractive colors like red, yellow and blue or intermediate colors, complex colors or complementary colors. Modern earrings can be multifaceted and can change to complex from simple.

Color coordination

Gold earrings are glamorous no matter how you look at them. To emphasize your gold earrings when wearing them, you can go for a neutral color like white and black. You can also choose emerald green, deep blue or burgundy hues to wear with your gold earrings. If you prefer pastels, you can wear delicate gold earrings instead of statement earrings. When wearing gold earring, ensure you don’t have too many colors and choose outfits that complement your gold earrings.
Where to wear gold earrings

You can wear your gold earrings in formal occasions since they sparkle. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear your pair of gold earrings in other occasions, they are perfect for dates and parties as well.

What accompaniments to wear with gold earrings

When wearing your gold earrings, try as much not to wear other metals and wear simple jewelry. You can go for delicate and simple necklaces or delicate rings and elegant bangles to counterbalance the earrings.

Gold earrings are the jewelry pieces that will hang on the highest part of your body and this leaves you with a lot of freedom with other accessories pike bangles and rings. If you choose to wear gold statement earrings, do not wear statement necklaces.

Ensure the metals used to make other jewelry match with gold earrings. Also, try as much as you can to avoid wearing gold earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings from the same set. Matching the jewelry pieces makes you lose creativity.

Matching gold earrings

If you want a glam hipster look, you can wear your gold earrings with red lipstick. A deep red shape of lipstick helps in portraying the hipster style. The hipster style draws attention and makes a person look dramatic. When trying to achieve this look, you can wear casual clothes like a tank top and jeans. If you don’t feel like wearing jeans, a short black dress will also work the magic.

If you want a gypsy style or bohemian look you can wear your gold earrings with a head wrap. Ensure you wear large gold earrings and a headway of neutral tone. You can pair the headway and gold earrings with baggy clothes or a long skirt. Fir jewelry, you can wear some bangles of neutral color and ensure they are not too many. If head wraps are not your kind of fashion, you can style half of your hair into a bun or wear a hairdo with waves.

If you are looking for a contemporary style which is sharp, you can wear your gold earrings with casual clothes. Wear your medium sized geometrical earrings with a leather jacket or a suit depending on your style. Geometrical hoops are versatile and can be worn when going out on a daily basis. To complement your earrings, style your hair in a unique way.

If you want a classic and romantic look, you can go for small gold earrings. Small gold earrings are great because they can be worn with almost all outfits and will match well. If you want to achieve a timeless look that is discreet, ensure you have your small gold earrings involve.

If you want a minimalistic but trendy style, go for symmetrical hoop drop gold earrings. You can match them with a straight hairdo and an elegant one shoulder dress and have your feminine look in place. Hoop drop earrings should always be paired with elegant and simple clothes.

If you want to go for an inventive look, you can go for large gold hoop earrings and cartilage hoops. There’s no rule that says you have to wear only one pair of hoops. Play with your fashion and wear cartilage earrings with large hoops and enjoy your artistic effects. To match, wear clothes with neat and simple lines and comb your hair in a simple but elegant hairdo.

People with round faces should not wear circular earrings but look for cartilage earrings or other smaller earrings.

When wearing gold earrings, remember there are clothes and necklaces that will not match. Turtlenecks, for instance, will not look good with tassel gold earrings. Hoop earrings also, might clash with a sweetheart neckline.

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