How to choose and buy a magnifying glass?

Although buy magnifying glasses is important because it is a tool with long service life. The magnifying glass that you are going to buy will have to respond perfectly to a maximum of situations. Depending on your use, it is sometimes advisable to buy several different magnifiers so that the conditions are optimal, and that the magnifier that you have just bought does not collect dust in a drawer.

Before going further, it is important to clarify that conventional optical magnifiers are not always suitable for the visually impaired, because their magnifications are limited (for reading). In these cases, we advise you to buy an electronic magnifier (or digital magnifying glass), whose magnification is much higher (from 5x to more than 30x) and the visual field more suitable for reading.

Recall the definition of an optical magnifier, in order to better understand the advice that will follow;

The objective of the optical magnifier is to improve the vision of an object, an image or a text thanks to a magnification effect.

The magnification obtained on the magnifying glass is produced by a convex lens, the magnification of which can vary. The larger the lens, the lower the magnification.

This is why you will not find magnifiers with 10x magnification for reading, but rather for watchmakers.

The use of a magnifying glass

Before choosing and buying an optical magnifier, you must first define the uses you will have so that it is suitable for a maximum of your activities. The uses of a magnifying glass are numerous; Reading books, reading newspapers, reading magazines, reading labels, reading the composition of a food product, reading directions for use or medication leaflets, reading road or hiking maps, words crusaders, bingo, sewing, embroidery, knitting, model making, numismatics, philately, photography, jewelry, DIY, etc.

For each of these uses, before buying a magnifying glass, identify whether its use will be occasional (reading of labels or temporary enlargement) or prolonged (for reading for example). For occasional use (reading labels, drug leaflets, etc.) it is preferable to choose a light and nomadic model. For prolonged use, it may be useful to choose a magnifying glass to place, a standing magnifying glass, or a pendant magnifying glass, in order to avoid tremors and muscle fatigue. These magnifying glass models are also more suitable for the elderly.

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