How To Bypass NFL Game Pass Blackouts

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Due to regional broadcasting rights NFL Game Pass in the US doesn’t allow you to watch NFL games live, and NFL pass in the UK and Ireland have blackouts on certain games. Do not worry you can bypass these restrictions and watch everything live with the NFL Game Pass.

How To Bypass NFL Game Pass Blackouts in the US

In the US NFL Game Pass has a restriction that you cannot watch the NFL games live. What you need to do in order to bypass this restriction is to subscribe to international NFL Game Pass, this you will need to do by following these steps:

  • Buy a VPN and download their app or browser extension;
  • Connect to servers that are outside of the US, UK or Ireland (for example France);
  • Go to and create an account;
  • Choose and purchase the streaming packaging that is available in the country that you connected with the help of your VPN (for example subscription in France);
  • When watching the NFL Game Pass always connect to France servers.

By connecting to France or any other countries’ server where international NFL Game Pass is available you will be able to watch all the NFL games live.

! If you already have a US NFL Game Pass you will need to get a new subscription following the way mentioned above !

How To Bypass NFL Game Pass Blackouts in the UK and Ireland

UK and Ireland have different restrictions than the US on the NFL Game Pass, only some games are not available on their regional Game Pass. If you do not have a UK or Ireland based NFL Game Pass, you can buy the International Game Pass by following the same steps mentioned above. If you already have a UK or Ireland based subscription you don’t need to get a new subscription, you can simply follow these steps:

  • Get a VPN that has fast servers outside of US, UK or Ireland and download the app or extension;
  • Connect to any server outside these countries (again, for example, France);
  • Head to, log in and enjoy.

VPN For Bypassing NFL Game Pass Blackout

VPN is a security software that not only secures your traffic and information online but also changes your IP address and helps to bypass geographical restrictions on streaming platforms.

What do you need to look in a VPN for bypassing geographical restrictions:

  • Doesn’t collect logs
  • Has many fast servers worldwide
  • Isn’t a free service (free VPNs collect your data and sells it, also it usually says that they work with streaming platforms, but they don’t)
  • Supports different devices like smartphones, Smart TVs and others
  • Lets you connect more than one device at the same time

Surfshark is one of the options for bypassing blackout on NFL Game Pass. It is a high security and quality VPN, that is comparably cheap but does the job. Right now you can get Surfshark with 83% ($1.99 per month) discount with the coupon code stream (or with this link

Surfshark doesn’t collect logs, uses industry leading encryption and has hundreds of fast servers worldwide. It gets good scores on speed tests, it supports an unlimited number of devices and is easy to set up on any device. Also it is easy to use, so if you have no idea how the VPN works, do not worry, just one click and you can watch anything online. And of course with one click you can keep you identity online anonymous.


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