How to book special assistance with Turkish Airlines

A quick way to take special assistance with Turkish airlines

Turkish airlines pay attention and maximum comfort to patients, passengers with limited motion capability, and disabled passengers. Sit back and relax if you are undergoing treatment by the doctors and physically disabled. Here find out what special assistance is been offered by the airline to the passengers.

Get special assistance at the airport for disabled passengers

People with a disability of paraplegics may require a stretcher or wheelchair to reach from the airplane to the airport. Attendants of the airline stand tall by side of their disabled passengers to assist them. For that, the Turkish airlines reservations channel offers to request the special vehicle no later than 48 hours before the flight.

Upon request, airlines give priority to their disabled passengers as well as to all those who might need special services during the check-in, passport, and to get the boarding pass.
  • Those who require special assistance may contact the special service point.
  • Physically disable passengers can submit a request for a wheelchair at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight. 
  • Once the request gets approved, it will be free of charge and subject to availability.
  • Generally, front seats and window seats are assigned to disabled passengers and passengers with limited mobility.
  • Priority boarding for disabled passengers.
If passengers require medical equipment and medication during the flight:-

Turkish airline cabin is already featured with the basic medical equipment for the disabled passenger or for someone suffering from health issues.

Oxygen tubes

For security concerns, passengers are not allowed to use their own oxygen tank during the flight, if required, you can ask the airline representative 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight to arrange an oxygen tank with the medical certificate.


For passengers carrying a personal respirator, make sure that it is FAA approve. That can be used except during take-off and landing.

Thus, all the points mentioned above is based on Turkish airlines booking, if required you can call them on their support number to get immediate feedback or response.

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