How to become a cardiologist in India

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If you stumbled across this article on how to become a cardiologist in India, we are sure you must be considering on taking an interesting and challenging journey. Believe it or not, like any other profession, embarking on a journey for entering the field of cardiology will begin with appropriate academic experience and rigorous training in medicine to stand the competition in the fierce world out there. It might seem difficult and complicated right now and it indeed is a process that takes a lot of time. But with hard work and dedication, you will be able to become a cardiologist in India.
A cardiologist, as defined in medicine is a physician who is responsible to diagnose and treat heart related problems and cardiovascular illness. While bachelor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s degree after getting into a medical school last for 3 to 4 years, it usually takes more than 10 years to become an established cardiologist in India. Dr. Viveka Kumar, a prominent and leading interventional cardiologist from Gurgaon suggests that all enthusiasts should follow the destined path to learn more about medicine and their specialisation to become a successful cardiologist in India.
If you aspire to become a cardiologist in India, consider taking the following three steps that will lead you on the path to becoming a professional and sought-after doctor.
Step 01: Getting a bachelor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s degree 
Like any other medical practitioner, to become an expert in dealing with medicine and Science, a bachelor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s degree should be the first step towards becoming a cardiologist. An undergraduate degree to become a cardiologist in India takes 4 to 5 years for completion. While, the duration might seem lengthy, a bachelor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s degree pave the way towards a fulfilling career. In fact, Dr. Viveka Kumar suggests that all enthusiasts should focus more on studying hard and scoring a higher GPA so that they can easily get into a sought after medical school. Getting into the right medical school will help all aspiring cardiologists in India build a very strong foundation.MBBS is the most basic degree that is required by all aspiring heart surgeon in Delhi and other medical professionals to enter the field of medicine. Being a five and a half year degree, MBBS is further followed by an internship.
Step 02: Getting a master’s degree 
Once that you have successfully completed a bachelor\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s degree and have been efficient throughout your compulsory internship, it is mandatory for all Aspiring cardiologist in India to hone a master\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s degree in order to be able to practice as a cardiologist in India. India offers several post-graduation medical entrance exams all across the country that help young and aspiring doctors get into popular medical schools to get an expertise in that chosen specialisation. The medical tests conducted in India for enrolling young doctor for a post-graduation degree include NEET-PG, Delhi University Postgraduate Medical Entrance Test, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research Entrance Exam, etc. The best part about getting a master\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s degree in cardiology is that you will get a degree in specialization which will proclaim all your skills built so far.A master\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s degree in cardiology will help you widen your understanding in cardiac conditions and cardiovascular procedures. You will also be able to learn to perform specific cardiovascular procedures further to which you will be eligible to conduct clinical researches that will also help you earn relevant certifications.
Step 03: Obtaining a medical license
After successful completion of a master\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s degree and honing professional expertise in your specialisation, it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s time for YouTube on a medical license. A medical license will help you practice medicine in the country. You will have to procure the license from the medical council of India in order to be eligible to apply for several cardiologist job present in various sectors in the country. The medical license, however, is only available after you are able to demonstrate your skills and understanding in cardiology and medicine.
Jobs available for a cardiologist in India 
After the completion of all the mandatory and required academic qualifications in the field of cardiology, there are a number of opportunities available for cardiologist in different profiles. The different job opportunities available for cardiologist in India include becoming a cardiologist surgeon, a cardio-graphic or electro-cardiographic technician, cardio-graphic technologist, an interventional cardiologist, nuclear cardiologist, invasive cardiologist, etc.
While working as a cardiologist at hospital, you will be required to follow a standard list of responsibilities and duties as a professional doctor. These duties will include examining patients and assessing their element in order to offer them the right health advice. You will also be responsible for explaining the risk related to the element of the patient. You will also have to suggest appropriate lab researches and test to be conducted to diagnose their problems. Last but not the least, as a cardiologist in India you will have to perform surgeries on patients who are troubled by heart related ailments.
Cardiology is an intense and complex field of medicine and it requires the individual to be continuously driven by a passion to learn more. As Dr. Viveka Kumar suggests, all aspiring Best doctor for Pacemaker in delhi should update themselves with the latest knowledge and techniques available in the current time.
Becoming a cardiologist in India might be long, tiring, complicated and challenging procedure. However, taking the mentioned steps will help you fulfill your dream of becoming a professional cardiologist in India.Cardiology is an excellent option for aspiring medical practitioner, especially if you go by the expected future requirements of young and experienced cardiologists in India.

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