How to Add Chat into OBS Studio?

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Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is free and open-source software used for live streaming and video recording. It is managed by the OBS project that is built with Qt. There are numerous OBS Studio present for macOS, Windows Desktop, and Linux distributions.

It’s one of the most popular applications used to stream various videos and live streaming and the main attraction of this app that is completely free for the users. It provides various features to its users having several plugin developers that will help you to enhance your personal experience of live streaming and attractive recording.

Users are thinking of having a particular feature for adding Chats to OBS Studio. It is very straightforward once you get to know how to do this.
Here is how to add Stream Chat to OBS in a very straightforward manner.

Adding Chat into OBS Studio
The offered procedures will work for any of the available streaming services having prompt out chatting feature. If you move towards YouTube and Twitch, then you will find that they already have this feature just like other mini platforms such as DLive and Trovo.

In case you wish to add your Chats to OBS Studio window, then pursue these instructions below. We have used the “Twitch” to make you understand better.
In the beginning, navigate to the desired streaming channel as a compatible platform.

Go to the Chat window on the particular channel and then choose the option “popout chat.” It is also known as “popup chat” in some streaming platforms or device functionality.

Once the window launches with pops outs, then you need to make a copy of the respective URL by navigating the address section.
Launch the OBS Studio there.
After that, navigate to the menu “View.”
Then, Choose the option “Docks.”
Tap on the “Custom Browser Docks” option.
Go to the first-most empty bar located under the option “Dock Name” and then provide an interesting name to your chat.
After that, navigate to the next box situated under the option “URL.” Then, paste the copied URL via the popout chat screen.
Then, hit the Apply button there.

Now, you will witness a particular dockable screen for your stream chatting into OBS Studio that you may move around. Once you drag the same across your window, you can add it anywhere as per your choice and space. Then, it will get highlighted in blue colour. Once you have transported the particular Stream Chat to OBS, you may also customize it as per your choice.

Finally, you will get the real-time stream chat box right into the OBS command centre without the requirement of the browser window or additional displays.

How to Access Facebook Gaming Chat into OBS Studio?
Facebook gaming seems very odd, but if you don’t have any popout chatting feature on the particular site, there is a straightforward method to access Facebook Gaming Chat feature inside your OBS Studio.

The solution for Facebook Gaming Chat is the “StreamElements OBS.Live” plugin. In case you wish to use StreamElements for all your alerts and overlays, it won’t disappoint you. It’s a free app that lets you have a Facebook gaming chat feature in the OBS Studio. It also supports YouTube and Twitch.

To get the Facebook gaming chat feature on your OBS Studio, follow these instructions:

First of all, download the particular plugin and then verify your Facebook account.
When you are all set, OBS.Live offers various interesting features consisting of activity feed and music controlling bars.

Note: In case you want to have Facebook gaming chat in OBS, then StreamElements OBS.Live is a great option.

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