How much does Web Design Costs?

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The look and feel of a website is extremely important as leaves a good first impression to the visiting users and may convert them into returning visitors. The brand image is boosted with an interactive and sophisticated user interface. The perception people build about your brand hugely depends on visuals.

A majority of people prefer visiting a website with an impressive design rather than simple and plain UI. The elements involved in designing a website have a considerable impact on the final look of the published content. This eventually affects the formatting of the content and crawling and indexing of the search engine crawlers.

The website design also represents the company’s approach to dealing with their valued customers. If the color scheme and interface of the website are warm, bright, and up to date, then the website visitors will feel welcomed at your landing page. A consistent design also proves to be extremely helpful in attracting the customer’s attention. The budget spent on preparing a design for your website is significant and contributes a lot to the success of the business.

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Cost of Web Design in India
The cost of designing a website in India varies for different plans. The genre of a few websites is such that the UI doesn’t need to be that rich and complex. Whereas in some cases rich graphics are required for some web pages.
The budget required for web design in India according to different plans are mentioned below :
Cost of Basic Website Plan
The basic web designing plan costs up to 500 USD. This package is inclusive of several design elements that contribute to making the web page impressive and attractive. The websites designed under the basic plan category comprise 1-10 pages and the visuals are designed in a less complex scope. The services included in this package are:
  • Website design
  • Responsiveness of the web pages on different screen sizes and resolutions
  • SEO friendly design
  • The maintenance services for web pages for a month

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