How much does it cost to develop an on-demand ride-hailing app like Lyft?

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Intense competition from other providers is giving a hard time for budding entrepreneurs in the taxi industry. It has become mandatory to integrate exclusive features and unique functionalities. It doesn’t matter whether the entrepreneur has a small or large fleet of drivers; the lack of an online booking portal will be a massive loss for them. Having an online booking platform opens up new horizons of opportunities in your business. 

The critical factor in developing an app for your business is an investment. No one can predict the cost of developing an app in advance as it depends on various factors. No two apps in the market will cost the same despite serving the same purpose. The cost of app development depends on multiple factors such as country, region, business model, list of features integrated, mobile platforms, etc. Basically, there are three interfaces in the on-demand ride-hailing service- passenger side app, driver side app, and admin panel. These interfaces are loaded with exclusive features to serve them and enhance customer experience on the platform. 

List of features available in the driver side app:
  • Register/Login

  • Update user profile

  • Toggle availability

  • Accept/reject rides

  • Manage payments

  • Driver rating system

List of features available in the passenger side app:
  • Register/Login

  • Search for cabs

  • Fare estimate

  • Driver info

  • Booking history

  • Payment methods

  • Notification system

The cost of developing your app significantly depends on the following factors:
  • The set of core modules and features required for the app development

  • The planned design of UI/UX

  • Database architecture

  • Admin panel

  • The framework planned

  • The required technology stack

  • Software development architecture to be implemented

  • Methodology to be used in software development

  • API integration

    Even if you are a non-technical person, it is crucial to learn more about the app development process’s technical aspects. Research the market and learn more about the existing technologies in the market. Your research data can provide great insights into your competitors, their services, and their drawbacks. Offer exclusive features on your app to differentiate yourself in the market. 

Ensure that your development team uses the latest technological tools in the market to build your application. With the Lyft clone script’s unlimited customization options, you can add/remove elements to suit your business needs. Offer nothing less of a premium user experience on your app to reach more customers and boost your revenue.    

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