How Much Does It Cost To Build News Mobile Application?

Why invest in a news app?

Investing in mobile news apps is a good idea because it can bring you a good return on the investment.
  • You should set a fee for offering quality content to the users just like you charge for the printed newspapers. To attract the readers you can offer some articles for free and once the readers are convinced of the quality news you are offering you can ask for a subscription fee.
  • Businesses spend millions on mobile advertisements. A news app is an excellent source of income for a news company because you can offer to share personalized apps for businesses. Moreover, you can choose the ads according to the reader’s interests as it will help in increasing the viewership of the news app.
  • You can also generate revenue by offering personalized campaigns. You can use the app to sell event tickets.

How much mobile news app costs?

There are a lot of aspects of a news app that have an impact on the cost of the news app such as
  • Choosing between iOS and Android
  • Number of features
  • In-house or outsourcing the app development project
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General estimate:

The general cost to build a mobile news app can range from $18,000 to $20,000. The estimate is for a basic news app. The cost rises with each added feature and can go as high as $45,000.
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