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Hello everyone! Today I will tell you how I fount beautiful girl using Tinder.
All you guys know Tinder app for dating and making friends. So I decided to download it on my phone and find some interesting people.

I liked about 100 girls but got no replies at all. I noticed that there are exist Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. I saw that it requires monthly money and I decided to find free ways.

After that, I was looking for the websites and I found one girl on Facebook which was living in my city. It is almsot impossible to belive in that, but it was a magic.
What do you think, what I wrote her? Well, actually she was so cute and my first question was: \"Do you like milk?\"
It was so funny moment because she replied \"Yes\". Then we were chatting about 1 day and I decided to ask her if she know, how to get tinder gold for free. And you know what? I got the answer and working method.

She sent me a website where you can download Tinder gold version absolutely for free from AppStore or Google Play here
After that I download it and I delete tinder because I found good girl :D

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