How eSignature Solution for Real Estate is Revolutionizing the Industry

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Real estate companies make use of an e-signature solution to simplify real estate transactions such as a mortgage. Digital signature solutions facilitate easier, cost-effective, and faster processing for sellers. Buyers, sellers of those who need finance to buy a real estate property of the choice, and others can utilize electronic signatures to save time and transact with accuracy.

A couple of decades ago the US government passed an Act named the E-SIGN Act, which stated that an electronic signature will be a recognized and valid form of a traditional ink signature. The validity of digital signatures cannot be denied just because they are not made in the traditional form. Business, non-business organization, or any other sector like the real estate sector can authenticate the documents through esignatures. This act has borough relief to many businesses that have to deal with huge paperwork. Electronic documentation speeds up the process of transactions.

Deal closing is the process where the seller of the real estate transfers the ownership to the buyer. Or where a mortgage borrower accepts some financial support from a lender. In the traditional work environment, this process takes days, and the concerned parties feel a sense of relief when it ends. When a real estate company uses Real Estate Electronic Signature Software, it also adds to the client service experience.

Depending upon the law of the land, these transactions are supervised by an attorney, or title company, broadly known as settlement agents. In the traditional working environment, all the concerned parties of the transaction have to meet the agent to sign the documents. In today's fast-paced world where everybody is busy, it is not feasible to manage everybody's schedule and arrange a meet.

Sometimes, if the signature goes wrong, the agent has to rearrange all the documents again. Once the documents are signed, the agent has to arrange for postal services as he has to send all the documents to the concerned parties as much as possible. These mails take not less than a couple of days to reach the destination and post that the documents move to the further stage. Here, the documents are analyzed thoroughly, and the proof of recording is shared with all the involved parties that need to possess a copy. It is not rocket science to understand that this process is time consuming, costly, and demands a lot of human efforts.

On the other hand, if the real estate company uses eSignature Solution for Real Estate, all the transactions such as sales, mortgage transactions, deed recording, etc. can be performed in real-time. No need for the physical availability of the parties. All the parties can log in to the system from the comfort of their home, through mobile devices. Every person can track the document progress and the signatures made by them stay intact on the documents and hence the documents and the signatures are safe from all the fraudulent activities like forgery, misplacement of the documents, deleting signatures, changing the document content. etc.

Plus the perfect Real Estate Electronic Signature Software would help in storing all the documents safe on the cloud.

Parties signing the document attest that they agree with the terms and conditions and every content mentioned in the document. Once signed, the agreement becomes temper-proof.

Here are the benefits of using a signature solution in the real-estate sector.

Faster and efficient –

Real estate agents or real estate companies no need to rush into document delivery and sending processes as electronic signature helps in smoothly performing these activities. Hence, the closing time is reduced effectively.

Conduct business on the go –

No more getting glued to the work desk or traveling to remote places to get the signatures. Electronic signature stops real estate agents from the travel sufferings and expenses. They don't even have to go to the office to get the documents signed. They can do their job on the go.

Parties can be shared with all the documents in advance (the documents are secured and the content cannot be changed by any single person).

Paperwork is eliminated completely -

All the parties involved in the transaction receive the required documentation in an electronic form on which they sing digital signature solutions.

Stay compliant and secure –

By using e-signature solutions you can sign all the documents containing the confidential and sensitive information with guaranteed legal compliance at each stage.
Additionally, an audit trail of all the documents is possible to avoid fraudulent activities.
Plus, the technology is backed by many governments, hence e-signing is legally supported and every signature holds value. Be it sales contract, floor plans, affidavits, least document, rent agreement, mortgage forms, etc.

Real estate companies who wish to adopt Real Estate Electronic Signature Software should consider a few things like the features, compatibility, integrity, compliance, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness.

Final words

E-signature solutions are leveraged by real estate companies and other organizations to grow as much as possible: one of the reasons organizations are switching to this technology.

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