How Does a Real Estate Agent Help Home Buyers?

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Buying a property is a big expense. Like all major purchases, it's nice to have an expert who is trained to handle all the details and is there to make sure the buyer gets fair treatment. A real estate agent hired to serve buyers will work with them through every stage of the process from identifying their initial needs to explaining all the paperwork on the day the sale is completed. The benefits of homeownership for Millennials can be maximized with a real estate agent on your team to help you succeed.

Assistance with Negotiations

Finding homes to look at is only the very first step in home for sale. Next, the buyer has to make an offer, persuade the seller to accept it, and negotiate terms that work for everyone. This is harder than it looks, partially because it's not always easy to tell what the seller is hoping to gain from the arrangement besides a good sale price. In this part of the purchase, the buyer's agent acts like a negotiator, helping buyers to:

Select an offer price that is neither too high nor too low
Negotiate options to sweeten the deal if there are multiple offers
Argue for contingencies that the buyer needs
Serve as a qualified buffer between the buyer and the seller

The seller's agent functions as an advocate for the seller, looking for the best offer possible. The buyer's agent ensures that the buyers' needs retain importance during those negotiations.

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