How do I start ethical hacking?

How do I start ethical hacking?

Hacking is an art. It is a skill which isn't limited to a computer or network, it is much more than that. It is a thinking. So, a good hacker isn't just good with computers but also has that thinking.
The above is what I believe in. You may or may not believe I'm that.
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So, the real question is from where should and individual start. I will try to keep it simple and brief. Here is my opinion step by step :-
  1. Start with the basics of computers, understand how computer works, basically an overview of how computer hardware and operating system works. Refer any basic book or Tutorialspoint
  2. Learn how internet works. Again just an overview.
  3. Learn NETWORKING in deep. It is an important subject for hacking. It will help you throughout you hacking career. It will teach you where to attack and what attack to use.
  4. Learn some programming skills. Learn C, Python/Perl/Ruby , PHP, SQL, Shell Scripting, Lua, JAVA, JavaScript. It is not important to learn all the languages but it will surely improve your resume. Programming teaches us how to think.
  5. Now you are ready to learn basics of ethical hacking. I won't tell you which is the best place to learn hacking because there are many great sources. Just know what you need to learn and search it over internet. Choose a source which you like. For all the topics to learn, go to website of EC-Council and look for CEG course structure. It will consist 20 topics that are officially in ethical hacking course.
  6. Now, after learning basics of all that, it's now time to choose which subcategory are you good at. Like are you good at web app testing or testing wireless networks. Now, you can go for complete penetration testing but I feel that it's good to master some than to learn all in deep
  7. Practice. Practice. Practice . Practice. That's all you should do after learning. I am not talking about practicing 1 thing a lot but test various networks, various OSs, various web apps, various websites and various computers and servers ( do it legally).
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Now some tips:-
  1. Generally, no one includes hardware hacking in the course. But I suggest that you should learn it because it is quite interesting.
  2. Again. Don't do anything stupid. Don't do anything illegal. Bdw you can try on websites related to terrorists :p but do it secretly and with extra caution.
  3. Watching movies related to hackers won't help you in achieving anything because most of them aren't really possible.
  4. Don't boast about your hacking skills. I don't. Keep them a secret.
  5. Don't every try to hack college or school websites for anything. You will ruin your career.
  6. Think differently. Think about the different aspects of a particular problem.
  7. Don't rely on news and posts on social media( I'd not from trusted source). It's all crap.
  8. Increase you Curiosity to know about different things.
  9. A little dedication will not do any harm
I hope that will help. But that's all are my views, so its upto you to follow them or not.
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