How do I get in touch with Facebook to report a problem

A quick way to get in touch with Facebook to report a problem

Most of the users face difficulty in accessing the account or sometimes their Facebook account does not work as we expect. In that case, Facebook offers an option of “Report problem” which helps to minimize the problem associated to the account. Here find complete details of the process to file a “Report” on Facebook.

If something is not working on Facebook

These are the basic, quick points to report a problem on the Facebook account,so be careful while following the points.

1. First, you are required to log in to Facebook.
2. Click the bottom button at the top-right of Facebook.
3. Choose “Help and support”
4. Report a problem.
5. Now follow the on-screen instructions.
6. Check again by accessing the account with the help of the username and the password.


1. To begin the process, visit the official Help center page of Facebook.
2. Search for any type of question-related to the Facebook account.
3. First, you will be asked to Login into the account, now check at the Top-right corner of the screen.
4. See a question that is marked inside the dark circle
5. Tap on it from the drop-down menu.
6. Select “ Report a problem”
7. Now follow the on-screen instructions

Report Abusive Content

Facebook allows its users to report that is against the community standards. First, they will review it and finally remove the content.

Thus, all the points mentioned above are about Can you talk to a live person at Facebook? If you require further assistance, you can call directly to their dedicated helpline number to get immediate feedback or assistance.

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