How do I fix common Aol Mail Login issues?

At times, the process of aol.mail login is not as easy as you think it and you might come across innumerable hurdles while accessing your Aol mail account. While doing so, an authentication error might occur or you might come across an error code that is telling you that you can\'t sign in at the moment. This generally happens in case there is a server related error or you might have incorrectly configured your mail settings. Apart from this, the browser cache or cookies can also be the cause behind this issue. 
Thus, we shall try to solve the \'can\'t sign in to Aol\' problem of the users in today\'s blog-post. First, we shall try resolving the Blerk error 1 message, and the solutions to fix it can be applied to solve other Aol mail login problems as well. 
Solutions to fix login issues on Aol
Solution 1- modify the web browser settings
  1. Go to the \'Settings\' menu of your browser.
  2. Click on the \'More\' option.
  3. Select \'Clear Browsing data\' from the menu.
Solution 2- update the bookmarks
Apart from the solution listed above, you can also try to be sure that you have updated the bookmarks of our web browser be it, Edge, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.
Solution 3- Mark Aol As the trusted website
  1. Choose the \'Internet options\'/\'Tools\' for your browser.
  2. Then, select the \'Security\' tab.
  3. Then tap \'The Trusted sites zone\' followed by \'Sites\'.
  4. Here, enter the Aol Mail login web address in the text box.
  5. Restart your device.
Solution 4- turn on the Protected Mode
  1. Open your web browser and select \'Tools\'.
  2. Then, select the  \'Security\' tab and tap on the \'Internet\' icon.
  3. Go to the \'security level for this zone\' section.
  4. Tick-mark the box next to \'Enable Protected Mode\'.
  5. And, restart your computer.
Solution 5- verify the login details
Last but not the least, try to re-access your account and be sure that you are typing the Aol mail login details correctly and using the correctly associated credentials. 
If you are not able to sign in after you have tried all these five solutions listed here, then you must wait for some time or check if Aol is having server related issues or the website is facing outage problems. Else, try switching to a different web browser and see if it helps. 

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