How can you Monetize a Subscription-Based Social Media app like OnlyFans?

The need for celebrities to engage with their fans has increased with the advent of social media apps. Now that people have been using social media apps for relatively a long time, they are looking for alternatives that pump up their user experience. This mindset has led to an increase in the usage of subscription-based social media apps. These apps create a win-win situation for every stakeholder in the ecosystem. Celebrities can monetize their content and followers can engage with them by paying for personalized sessions. 

    Incorporating the best-in-class features will allure a massive amount of users towards your app and can gain instant traction among the masses. Several entrepreneurs have started to enter this lucrative market by getting their hands on a clone app solution. Building a clone app will reduce the risk of bugs and glitches in the long run. It can be quickly deployed in the mainstream market and will go easy on the entrepreneurs' pocket. An app like OnlyFans will be loaded with the essential features and functionalities from the original app. However, in order to stand out from the competition, you need to integrate exclusive features in it. 

    Entrepreneurs can seamlessly integrate the uninterrupted workflow of OnlyFans app to get instant traction from modern customers. Now that subscription-based platforms are becoming the need of the hour, now is the perfect time for audiences to get started and to reap profits. Here are the popular revenue streams in this sector.

Commission from subscription:

    Users will have to pay a subscription fee to access the content from a celebrity’s profile. The fee can be set by the celebrity, and the entrepreneurs will receive a commission fee every time a user subscribes to it. This is the primary source of commission for the OnlyFans app. 

Live streaming feature:

    Celebrities can choose to interact with their fans in real-time via live streaming. They can fix a price for the fans to watch them go live and can also receive tips from them. The celebrities can negotiate with the admin team and finalize on a percentage of fee from the tips.

PPV messaging:

    In the Pay Per View messaging system (PPV), the users will have to pay a fee to directly chat with the celebrities. However, they can send messages for free but will have to pay a fee to view the replies. This strategy can contribute significantly to the overall revenue.


    Referrals are beneficial for entrepreneurs in two ways; they can increase the number of users and boost their overall revenue. A celebrity can refer to an n-number of stars to sign up on the fan club website like OnlyFans. They will be rewarded equally once their followers increase.

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