How & Why You Need To Get Your Own Style As A Music Producer?!

Find Your Own Sound!
How & Why You Need To Get Your Own Style As A Music Producer?!
(It's not that hard!)

So, first of all, as a music producer myself, I wanna say that I'm not gonna talk about "how special my music is" & stuff like that, no...
I'm just gonna point out the few things I've learned through all the years I've been making music
(Nine years if you care to know)
Well, let's start with the "money-making machines"
Yes, Hip Hop Beats!
Don't you notice that most of the beatmakers you know from FaceBook or YouTube or whatsoever, are all making beats that almost sound the same?
Same style, same sounds, same melodies, same vibes, even the same titles 😂

Trust me, if you're one of them, the average amount of beats you gonna sell in a year is like 3 beats a year Well, that's not gonna pay your bills
It's not about the price you put or how many views you generate or how much Artists/Rappers you have in your FB friends list, no, it's about the quality of your product, isn't that obvious? Lol

Let's move to the main topic, which is (being special)
If you want your music to be sold & noticed
Well, buddy, it's gotta be good music!

I mean, as a listener, what's gonna impress me in a track? Huh?
It's gotta be something I've never heard something familiar to it, right?
I'm not going to listen to a "copy-paste" kinda music & then share it with my friends, not gonna happen

Now, what do you need as a music producer to make your track sound different?
Unfortunately, there's no YouTube tutorial for that, nor a wikiHow article called "how to be talented"

Let's be serious tho, I'm gonna talk about my own experience
When I first started to make music I was a kid just messing around with the keyboard
And of course, I went through all the process we all went through as music producers (learning music theory & the tools of the DAW I'm gonna use.. etc)

But, let me ask you a question, which is a better way to learn how to drive huh? on a manual car or an automatic car? 
A manual car, of course, I know, what's that gotta do with music production?

I'll tell ya, it's a just one single method that taught me how to make my own style in music, find my own "SOUND"
This method is called (Trial & Error) aside from all the other methods of making music, I believe this one is the most effective, why?
Because if you're just starting to learn how to produce music & all you do is watching some tutorials of people making their own music
Well, you'll just end up making music that sounds just like their music, right?

Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mean don't watch tutorials or don't look for a way to understand how music production works, no, of course, you gonna have to learn how to use the tools of the DAW you're using first
Trial & Error
Now, you know how music theory works, you know how to use the tools, that's how I started
Then, and I shit you not, I didn't watch a single tutorial about how to make a beat or how to make a good melody or how to make a bouncy drumline.. etc
I just kept messing around with the tools, I've made some good amount of shitty music for years, yea!
But in the end, that "messing around" got me producing tracks that I really feel, got me composing melodies from my own head
And that's what I call "my own style"
Believe me, I don't go around on FaceBook groups begging people to listen to my music or ask Artists to buy my beats, no, my music does this job for me
I just share it on my profile, some guy listens to it & like it & BOOM! I got myself a deal, easy peasy...
Cheers ✌

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