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Westend Painters is a licensed and certified Resene Eco Decorator. We pride ourselves on receiving this special recognition. Painting companies that bear this seal of approval are recognized for their environmentally responsible and quality focused practices.

The Resene Eco Decorator Certification

The Resene Eco Decorator certification is not bestowed upon just anyone. Several areas of focus are taking into consideration. These areas include sustainable practices, waste management and project management. To be considered for this honour, a company cannot simply offer environmentally friendly paints. They must also ensure that the paint is also applied in an eco-friendly process. Click here to find out more about the Resene Eco Decorator Program.

Sustainable Decorating

Because we are identified as a Resene Eco Painter, when you choose to use us, you can rest easily knowing that we will:

Use waterborne and sustainable paints whenever and wherever possible. Use products that minimize smell and allow for easy water clean-up when possible. Implement environmentally friendly waste management tactics. Continually monitor our procedures and supplies so that we are always striving to be environmentally responsible.

Safe & Sustainable Products

Westend Painters continually works to stay on top of the best ways to take proper care of the environment when it comes to painting, plastering, and wallpapering. Using safe, sustainable products whenever possible, implementing practices that ensure safe and responsible clean-up, and continually monitoring our policies and procedures are just a few of the ways in which we take our responsibility to the environment very serious.

Timber Rot Repair

There are many historic cottages and villas in the Auckland Region. Part of the allure of these lovely homes is their historic charm and architectural features, with many still featuring their original wooden joinery, which adds much to the character of the home. However, sometimes repairs are necessary to wooden windows, door & joinery, particularly where rot has set into the timber.

Prevention and removal of timber decay

We take care of all your timber maintenance needs using the most technically advanced repair system: Repair Care Flexible Technology. We are a certified Repair Care specialist. Repair Care is sustainable, durable and remains permanently flexible throughout its life. It expands and contracts with timber remaining permanently bonded. Repair Care will last longer than any other timber repair method.

House Cleaning

Our company places a high level of importance on keeping a neat and tidy work site. We always respect our clients' homes and offices, and we treat them as if they were our own spaces. Therefore, no project is complete until a proper clean-up has been fully implemented. Our goal is to always leave a job site looking better than it did when we arrived.

Clean-up Services

Our clients can depend on us to see that every step of the job is properly handled, including the clean-up, which allows them the unique ability of sitting back, relaxing, and fully trusting that their project, whether painting, plastering, or wallpapering, is in the hands of qualified professionals that will leave a completed task done in an expertly efficient manner.

Lead-based Paint Removal

Lead is a health hazard. Small chips of lead containing paint or lead paint dust can create health risks. It can also contaminate the environment. Due to the hazardous potential of this process on your health, it is of the highest importance to employ a professional team that is well-versed in taking the proper precautions involved in removing lead paint.

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Westend Painters are certified Painters with Resene Eco Painters and qualified with BCITO in all aspects of painting, health and safety, special effects and industrial painting.

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