Honeygain will pay for your unused internet traffic: one year after

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One year ago I wrote an article about Honeygain to claim that Honeygain is legit and now after a full year of using the app (and over $300 paid out), I’m coming back with another review. As being not only a big enthusiast of freelancing and making money online, I also like numbers and details, so here you’ll find how much I made each month with some detailed insights proving Honeygain is legit.

I’ll be honest — one year ago I was really hyped about all the passive income and making money online stuff. I’ve tried apps, couponing, copywriting, surveys and etc., but some ideas were useless so I dropped it after seeing no results and zero bucks in my account. However, Honeygain and some other apps were the options I noticed as really profitable and continued using. So let’s explore the numbers of one year’s journey with Honeygain!

What is Honeygain?

If anybody is reading this and doesn’t know what Honeygain is about, check out my previous article. To be super brief — it’s a passive income app that generates additional income by sharing your Internet connection. You install the app, leave it running in the background on your laptop or smartphone (Android only). The app starts working and collects prices, helps SEO and other things and you get paid for helping out (you can read how that works on their blog). So essentially you just leave the app on and passively earn bucks.

How much money did I make?

As a person who loves numbers, each month I was filling a simple Excel sheet. I wrote down the date when I received the payout, the amount of payout as well as some additional comments. Also, I was always following the amount of referrals I have, because if other users join Honeygain with my personalized link, 10% of their daily earnings are added to my account which means more income.

To comment on my counting, I want to emphasize that every time I received payouts at the end of each month which means it takes me an average one month to earn 25$. The amounts were from $20 to $30 what I consider as average, but really stable ones. I also wrote down some insights I had like starting using new features, going on holiday and spending less time being online, reaching more referrals and etc. In general, I have no complaints about the amounts I receive because I do understand that it’s a passive income app that doesn’t require almost no effort so $25 is cool having in mind it’s free money.

There were some changes during this one year period:

  • Instead of max 3 devices on a single IP address, a month ago they changed it to max 2. From that time I’ve noticed a small increase in traffic. My assumption is that the number of farmers decreased, so the simple users I am, got a little better traffic.
  • Also, from March Honeygain launched the Content Delivery feature — another way to share internet connection. It includes multiple types of bandwidth-intensive content such as images, videos, audio, streaming, heavy websites, IPTV, VOD, social media, or VoIP services. This also increased my earnings a little (I wasn’t able to keep the feature online all the time, but in theory you could earn ~$7/month just from that).
  • During that one year, Honeygain really improved their customer support including answering on emails and other social media platforms. I really appreciate that because last May I tried to contact them so it took me almost 1 week to get the answer. But now, the situation is different. In addition, whenever I have other questions, I get great support on their Reddit community.
  • Furthermore, the company really developed its transparency over the year. They launched a blog where I found articles that explain the part of how money is being generated, how the company works and etc. They even provide some tips on how to get more earnings!
In addition, I want to mention that my discovery of the year was the referral program. I shared my link on Reddit and Facebook so it helped me out to get more referrals and traffic. You can always help me out (and yourself) by registering with my coupon code — VEVIN441. It will give you a head-start with $5 added to your new account!

A few caveats to mention:

  • Honeygain will probably not become your No.1 source of income (unless you have access to hundreds of IP addresses).
  • Content Delivery is a great feature, but it’s only available in a few dozen countries and there are limited seats to have it running. Again, realistically you will get a little boost for your earnings, but don’t expect earning a fortune.
  • Referrals are the way to go. I found that even with 10 active referrals you can add around $0.7/day, I’ve seen communities, where people with 10.000 referrals make $100/day. To get that many, you should either try making Youtube videos or add your referral link to Twitch streams.

Final word

A year ago when I started using Honeygain, I had thoughts it may be stealing your personal data or be just another new scam. But as the year passed, I’ve seen numerous geeks test Honeygain and see that they don’t collect any data and millions people shared their payment proofs which shows they actually pay real money. Yes, it’s not much when you receive 20 or 25 bucks a month, but the total amount I received after one year is $339.08 so it makes me believe in Honeygain and continue using it! Moreover, taking into consideration the fact they made numerous positive changes during the year, I can claim that Honeygain is a really trustful company creating transparent and friendly vibes for its users.

Original article was posted here - Honeygain will pay for your unused internet traffic: legit or scam?

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