Here Are Stunning Similarities among the Smartest Countries of the World

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What makes a person smart? Is it something linked to being highly educated or it has something to do with being rich? Or, maybe one only has to be careful in selecting their parents as smartness is all about genes.

We can’t also generalize that people living in the western half of the world are smarter only because they have contributed the most to tech innovation. The reason is that all the major civilizations of the world that had been widespread geographically had contributed something important to the development of humanity.

What Makes People of A Country Smartest?

We can get the answer to this question by looking at the list of smartest countries in the world, by a popular survey.

While, the list of the smartest countries is diverse in term of geographical distribution, it still has some staunch similarities among its countries. Like, we don’t see the United States, Germany, Russia, and China at the top as one may expect them to be for their importance in the world’s politics and economics.

Instead, we have Hong Kong leading the list with an IQ of 108 followed by Singapore. What is a commonality, between these two countries? The answer is both of these countries are Asian tigers. And, both these countries are located in South East Asia. Going in the bottom of the list we find that there are more nations from this region that have made to the list of smartest countries in the world and these include China and Taiwan on number six and seven respectively.

So, is it All about Geography?

As mentioned earlier the list of these countries is much diverse. Apart from China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong it also includes Italy; a European country and Iceland; a Nordic country. But we can see that South East Asia is the dominant region because China’s economy has reportedly witnessed the slowest growth since 1990. The area is also hub of some of the world’s famous automobile and tech giants. It has also captured the world’s attention due to its rapid economic development; particularly after 60s. The region is also home to some of the world’s significant financial hub. And, it is safe to assume that it will be world’s center for the economy after China successfully emerges as the super-power.


While, generalization may need more facts it is safe to conclude on the basis of the list that if you are born in South East Asia, you are likely to be the smart person.

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