Hareter Babatunde Oralusi: A Visionary Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Just like focusing on personal goals is critical for the growth of an individual, social conscience is necessary for the community. Hareter Babatunde Oralusi thinks similarly, and that is what helped him stand apart from the crowd. Let’s sneak peek into his story!

Hareter Babatunde Oralusi is an entrepreneur, a political leader, and a philanthropist. He belongs to Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, and was born to the reputed Oralusi family. He has built his ventures after earning a strong education that he completed from the Seventh-day Adventist Primary School and Aperin Commercial School. He has also learned from the Ibadan Grammar School.

However, the innovation in his mind and the will to thrive was enough for him to begin. He started a small scale business at the early age of 15. The firm applied its efforts in body cream made at home. His vision and diligence resulted in the growth of the business to a large scale supply for the leading supermarkets in Ibadan, Nigeria. His ventured earned great reputation and popularity.

He utilized some of the business proceeds and formed a football club named “The Future.” Here, he also applied his efforts as a coach and a goalkeeper from 1987 to 1990. This club made its appearance in various junior football competitions where the performance of the teams earned different medals in Oyo State.

Apart from it, he also came up with a part-time business named Tuloh International Limited, which deals in computer and automobile sales. He started a travel business named Tuloh Travels and Tour in London too. Like other ventures, this firm also expanded and added flight as well as luxury chauffeuring services.

Seeing his work, a British Law Firm approached came up to him for brokering the acquisition of an oil well. It helped him to come up with Governor Petroleum. This company offered trading, importation, distribution, retailing, and storage of petroleum in Nigeria. Following the success of his ventures and services to offer assistance to the Nigerian Government, he came up with the Nigerian Capital Development Fund.
He has also established Social Enterprise Academy in Nigeria with Social Enterprise International, UK. He has focused on extending specialized education in social enterprise, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

He also holds the credit of establishing a public trade company in the UK named ForeMedia Group PLC. The organization specializes in products and services in Afrocentric New Media and Entertainment. He co-founded the London School of Social Enterprise & Sustainable Economics that widened his social entrepreneurship.

Today, Hareter Babatunde Oralusi is extending his vision and leadership in Social Enterprise International United Kingdom. He is serving LifeCome Group Limited, UK, as the Chairman and Board of directors.

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Oralusi has been recognized by various organizations for his social enterprise contributions.

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