GO PRO 9 - A quick review: Is it worth the money?

A hand holding a Gopro Hero 9
GoPro Hero 9 Black has as its predecessors rocked the market, and is dubbed to be the most versatile and power packed action camera you can buy on the market today even though collectively the latest model does not outweigh benefits of upgrading if you already have a GoPro Hero 8.

Two major upgrades are its 5K video and the front display which delivers slightly more detail than Hero 8, but the hyper smooth on this beast is unparalleled, its 23.6MP camera only adds to the HEROISM (Pun intended). All modes are now backed by the strongest stabilization ever, so if you’re a sports junkie and live on the edge be prepared for some kick ass 4K and 5K quality videos.

The all new front dual color-display, is not your definition of perfect but still comes in very handy if you’re a Vlogger and also for general shooting, gives you more leverage as you film the GoPro way. This however is no match for an articulating screen in the Sony’s compact Vlogger camera the ZV-1, but if your priority is being on the screen yourself mostly then GoPro is a clear winner.

The battery on this black beast boosts a better stamina, and doesn’t heat up like the Hero 8. The stabilization is almost as brilliant as Hero 8, and the 4K output isn’t very different either. It comes with a brand new feature of Scheduled recording, which is very exciting to have on a camera as small as this.
After having a few minor software setbacks tweaked it will indefinitely become the number one action camera available in the market. But in this moment Hero 8 wins, given its price tag and the value it offers against it. What is going to come in as an added advantage is the changeable lens, imagine the variety you can now have with changeable mods! It also comes packed with the innate ability to lock horizons, even if it’s a 360 tilt.

This too big an upgrade for not to have this in your gear, I was sold at this point, definitely worth the purchase... But what GoPro Hero 9 price in Pakistan is going to be, is yet again a question.
There is also a display mod which can be purchased separately and will enhance the screen experience something that always has been a challenge when shooting with a GoPro. There are three major physical changes that qualify as an upgrade two screens, one at the rear and one at the front and a thicker body, sporting a more powerful battery. But you already know where you can buy a genuine, well priced GoPro Hero 9!
All in all this seems like a response to DJI’s Osmo Action which had previously surfaced and gave a hard time to Hero 8, the bigger display comes with more battery consumption and hence the comparatively bulkier make. The battery is now a 40% more but this also has a downside that you cannot use your older batteries as spares as they don’t fit in the newer model. Hyper smooth features combined with a state of the art Time Warp and an inbuilt, good quality mic that altogether broadens the gadget’s versatility, adding to more reasons for an upgrade.

GoPro has always sported a decent sensor but this time, they have pushed it to a whole new frontier with their 23.6MP sensor! We understand how a greater resolution doesn’t guarantee a better result, it’s the hands that operate which make the real difference.

All in all it’s worth the upgrade, unless you’re jumping from Hero8 in which case you will need to figure out your priorities.

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