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Giving a speech may seem to be a very scary affair to deal with. If you do not give speeches every day, then yes - you will be truly astonished by the amount of work and preparations to be made before taking the floor.

Perhaps it scares you because the first time you made a speech presentation didn’t go quite well. Good news is that having a desire and consistent guidelines anyone can make successful and memorable speech presentations.

When writing a speech, avoid squeezing thoughts out of your brains. Sit there and think about the overall structure of your would-be speech presentation. Note down everything that pops out in your mind, think over the issues you have to cover, organize and sort them out. And voila – you will get all you need to say outlined on paper, like a skeleton. Now, you will just have to add lots of details and useful information.

No matter what you will be trying to do in the next couple of hours with your speech presentation draft, remember that it is always based on  three important factors:
  • - occasion
  • - audience
  • - purpose it is given for
When it is time to present your speech, you need to think of how you will deliver it. If you are inexperienced, this is your first time or you are nervous, you will probably want to use notes to read your speech from. Still, do not read it all from the beginning till the end. Make your notes just a helping hand to turn to once in a while, don’t read the entire speech through.

Reciting from memory gives a whole bunch of advantages: you will be listened to, your speech presentation will not become a monotonous reading, and you will make a wonderful impression.

Here are some tips for you to use when presenting your speech:
  • Take care of your appearance
  • Speak distinctly and loud enough for everybody to hear you
  • Being nervous, you might speak rapidly - take your time, do not rush
  • Make pauses to let your audience react to a fact, joke, etc.
  • Make eye contact with your audience
  • Use hand gestures effectively, do not keep your hands in pockets, etc.
  • Be yourself, do not let your own personality hide behind nervous tremor

Before learning to fly, learn how to fall...


We’ve got dozens of different activities every day. A person keeps busy all day long and feels good about it. This is wonderful, because we have been created this way - a human cannot just sit around doing nothing. If we do, we lose the life flow and the purpose. Everyone determines own purpose of his/her life and struggles to reach a satisfactory point in its achievement.

We go to work and study without even noticing what follows us constantly -  talks.  People are the only creatures in the whole world who can express feelings and emotions by means of communication.
Ability to talk and present differs us from animals, ability to persuade enables us to think of others’ opinions. No wonder human beings are much more advanced than our four-footed friends, for communication develops our personality.

Presentation is always about showing others what you’ve got. No matter what piece of work this might be, a human is there taking an intermediate position between people and new information.

Presentation is always connected with worries and shiver. Why? It is simple – whatever we present, we present ourselves!

Presentation is a matter of self-possession and self-esteem. To learn how to make a wonderful presentation worthy of all awards, you need to go through dozens of those as a viewer or assistant. This will help you learn all the details of preparation and have own opinion on what you would never include in your personal presentation.

In a word, to know how to make a memorable presentation, you need to experience mistakes or learn from failures of others. Do not expect your presentation to be the greatest in the whole world from the first time. On the contrary: learn how to fall before flying up high. Therefore, you’ll know the value of efforts invested.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint presentations (often referred to as power point or Power Point presentation) will be the best way to turn your audience’s attention and make your speech and presentation memorable.

PowerPoint presentation is always used to get the idea across the footlights. It is widely used by teachers, business people, students, trainers, etc. and considered to be the most effective way of persuasion.

PowerPoint presentation gives you an opportunity to place your graphics, text, objects on different slides, which also makes it convenient for you to reveal the idea in front of the audience.

Here are the main tips we would like to share with you on making a great PowerPoint presentation:

  • You will have to make an outline of your PowerPoint presentation on the 1st or the 2nd slide. Keep to the structure outlined till the end of the presentation. Place only main points on this slide. For example, use the titles of each slide as main points.
  • Use 1-2 slides per minute.
  • Write in statements, don’t use complete sentences.
  • Wordiness is not good: keywords and phrases will do. Dividing a slide into points will make it easier for you to present and for the audience to read. You don’t want them to read a junk of text instead of listening to you.
Presenting a slide:
  • Show one point at a time: it helps to concentrate on what you are saying, prevents the audience from reading ahead, and helps to keep your PowerPoint presentation focused.
  • Do not use distracting animation.
  • At least an 18-point font is good.
  • Standard fonts: Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Font has to contrast sharply with the background.
  • Occasionally, use colors to emphasize a point.
  • Using different colors for each point is unnecessary.
  • Do not try to be too creative with colors; it might seem annoying and distracting.
Need help with editing your speech or presentation? Each of these 20 editing services is ready to help you.

Use an effective and a strong conclusion in order to make your speech and PowerPoint presentation memorable. PowerPoint presentation will do its job - your speech presentation will be more structured and strong!

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