Curious facts about the Rottweiler

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I have two Rottweiler puppies so in this post I will tell you some curious facts about these wonderful dogs ... according to my experience with this breed I can tell you

This breed of dog has good character, is obedient and docile and has a great mental lucidity.

The Rottweiler is extremely intelligent but can also be very stubborn, so obedience classes are recommended.

Rottweilers live, on average, 10-12 years.

They need activity and long walks to keep their muscles strong and avoid joint problems.

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2 years ago

i love this one

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5 months ago
Wow, such great facts that you have explored about Rottweiler Puppies. I also got shocked when I got to know about the facts of hairless dogs. I mean, I have the idea different dog breed but 1st time I heard that there is also found hairless dog breeds too.
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Two rottweiler puppies

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