GFB DV+ Diverter Valve - hold boost for longer. Increased throttle response.

GFB DV+ Diverter Valve
N55 stock DVs can deteriorate with age if the rubber internals wear out. If you run increased boost pressure, the stock DV can also crack which results in a reduced ability to hold precious boost pressure!

In its simplest form, the GFB DV+ makes use of the stock DV but replaces the valve mechanism with an aluminium housing and a brass piston, offering durable construction, greater longevity and peace of mind - whilst retaining complete stock functionality.

The clever part is the optional spring that you can fit when you reconstruct the stock DV. The stock DV functions fully open or fully closed, and when open you lose any boost pressure you've built up (which is the "wooosh" sound you hear with aftermarket blow-off valves). With the optional spring installed, boost pressure will bleed more slowly so the next time you call upon boost there's a potential to have some stores, requiring less ramp up, and achieve max boost quicker. From behind the wheel this presents itself as an increased throttle response!

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