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LESSON 2 / 7: - The art of talking

1) First approach:  Except of some, most women expect guys to approach them first (not knowing that some guys are simply shy, or even those who aren't simply prefer a lady to sometimes approach us first. - So for that reason we need to always keep in mind to ditch notions of things like her needed "permission to approach", ditch worrying if we will be accepted or if our effort will be validated.

The point here is to give it a try. (As long as whatever we do is being a gentleman and she is not annoyed.. this is important!)

Simply, a man has to approach the lady he desires to meet, and ditch the idea that there are unattainable ones. Ditch the idea that you have to prove like some hero in the movies or do anything extraordinary like many are conditioned to believe that only being so special will bring with it self the success.... because its a myth.

The secret to a successful first approach each time every time is simply this; Knowing that the nature of female mind is that of waiting for the right one and being taken and being led. - And the masculine nature is the one who takes what it desires (and that is what attracts women subconsciously to men they truly expect to find).  - So you need to be there to GIVE her what she is looking for and to offer her. To come to her with a frame of abundance in your mind, and not with a frame of scarcity and neediness or to get something.

Does that make sense ? So you are out there TO GET HER, by offering her an authentic experience, but not really acting needy  or like you plan to GET anything from her. Because that, is a huge turnoff to women. - This technique is so powerful and works each time because women are out there daily and open for a real meet. 

Just a few days ago while returning from my cycling route during a cold foggy evening, I went to a local city mall, and while unlocking my bike there came a lady a few a dozen feet from me, just squatting there in a funny way and taking selfies with her dog a bit too long, so me being me and automatically recognizing that she wants to be approached. - So I just casually asked her something about her dog, she was happy to respond, then I moved in closer, started petting it and started a conversation... see? It's that easy.

2) Hi + I am (your name) + handshake: This method is so powerful that you cant's possibly fail with this one even if the girl is literally having hearing difficulties (or completely deaf). - She will instantly fall simply for your courage to approach and introduce (unless she is a minority of those who are protesting our normal masculine behavior, but in that case you are better off avoiding those anyway).

But most women will respond to this technique like a charm, just do it like you mean it and be authentic and gentle but brave. And above all,  DO NOT BE CREEPY.

3) COMPLIMENTS:  So just this morning I was at the mall again, I instantly noticed a lady with a special and well groomed unique hairstyle, so I simply approached and gave her a compliment. Think that's cheesy? But it's not, here is why;

Women are used to guys giving them generic compliments for the parts of their body they haven's worked hard for. So it doesn't make much sense to tell her that she has pretty eyes, pretty smile, or a hot pair of melons. - What they really respond to is making her feel special BUT NOT IDOLIZED.

The compliment has to be TAILOR MADE for her, you need to have an eye for a detail and be able to make wild and funny comparisons. - Like, telling her she reminds you of some iconic actress etc. - Tell her something nobody ever told her, so she will remember it. - Focus on something on her body for which she really worked for and validate her choice. (the hairstyle she is wearing, the  hair dye, the clothes she chose to wear etc.)

And when you are with her on a date, you can allow your self to give her a bit more sexual and intimate compliments. For instance there is a well known secret told by an actual female expert, that women love when we compliment their legs. But. dont make it to be all about her legs or to get to serious about it. Just compliment them, and quickly get back to your conversation. (I'm telling you I have tried this method even on most serious uptight and Aspergic women which are otherwise most of the times annoyed by cheesy and carnal compliments). 

But if you do it and time it just right, and get back to conversation, without giving them too much time to think about it but only a moment to enjoy it, you can spark excitement there and work on her further. - The most important thing here is to not make a pause and expect any kind of applause, reward, laugh or a smile, recognition or validation or a compliment back. Because that is being needy and it slowly turns her off. (but don's panic if she returns with a compliment back, just don't expect it).

4) VOCAL PROJECTION: This one is among the MOST IMPORTANT factors. You need to be heard, be loud (don't shout ofc. unless youa re on a Metalica concert or something like it). But most often women get annoyed or they don't even notice you at a party when you approach the with a too weak and meek tone of voice. - Your tone must be a flat neutral serious adult one. Don't sound unsure / don't ask her too many questions or permissions about what to do and where to go / She wants to be lead so be decisive and know where you want to go with her in advance /  Use statements and tell her things you are sure in / and simply push your self , make your self make it and lead the conversation. Learn the art of small-talk to hold a conversation, it is crucial. But even more important, let her talk about her self. (And whatever you do... DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT talk to her about other girls or exes. They absolutely hate it and feel jealous... after all, you would feel the same if she mentions some guys).

5a) EYE CONTACT: The eye contact is also one of the crucial things you might have guessed (well's its a lot more crucial on a whole other level on some different more intimate subjects which I will leave for the following more advanced lessons. 

But for now, just make sure you are utilizing just enough eye contact to show that you are listening to her and when you are speaking to her. - Some people though (often the introverted ones) have a slight problem in showing enough of eye contact to signify their seriousness and to complement the meaning of their words, so when they are aware of it the tend to give a bit too much of  it which might seem creepy. The trick is to find the right balance between a "bit longer eye contact to be sure it is actually on your normal level" VS the too long and weird one. - You will know you are overdoing it the moment  your subject turns her head aside for a moment like she is looking at something, just to break the weird gaze. But dont worry, adjust your eye contact and she wouldn't even be aware of it.

5b) EYE CONTACT - Before talking to her:  This one is for when you are trying to catch her eye (or she is trying to catch yours).

The common situation goes like this: You notice a girl looks at you (or she notices you looking at her) and then you (or her) quickly look aside like you weren't looking. - Now, if she does that more than once, chances are she is really into talking to you and you must react and approach her..... Yes, believe it or not that is a clear sign. - But if you notice her simply checking you out randomly, (or even if she doesn't) but you still want to catch her attention. What you need to do is... look at her for a couple of seconds longer, hold that gaze, and then continue with whatever you have been busy with. (avoid smiling to her, because that is too cheesy, and avoid quickly turning your look because by doing so you are failing her test and you look like a beta or even a virgin or simply uninterested in her).... So now you know! - Note: There is also one very effective trick you can do while you are at it. - After you have exchanged your gazes once or twice, and you gave her a sign that you are totally noticing her, what you need to do next is disappear from her view.

So her panic alarms suddenly lights up, subconsciously thinking where is that interesting guy, and by doing so you are creating tension and mystery, and she will feel relieved when she sees you coming back into her view. - Then is the perfect time to approach her.


This post will be (like all others) constantly updated with new fresh stuff daily!

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