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Hi, I'm Dean, and without further due, here is the value I'm going to teach you in these short and sweet instructions packed with real life experiments and easy to follow and repeat cheat sheets you can take with your self on your phone while out on weekends, in search for that one special lady you wish would be the one that will take your virginity. - But there is just one problem though;

Let's suppose you are over 21, maybe over your 30's (or more), and you would prefer your "situation" passes unnoticed.. Because deep down you know, more than half of the ladies of your age out there, already expect from you that you have passed that particular "barrier".

And you have also come to the conclusion that it would really be a win win for both sides; She gets to experience the skills she expects from you, and you get your situation solved and your ego intact.

Now.. I know that there are plenty of ladies out there in various other forums commenting on this stuff with the default superficial answers like "you should tell the girl you are a virgin"...... sure, if she asks you, It wouldn't be nice to lie... BUT! 

What I'm here for is to give you a few simple but crucial skills you need to know if you want to take to bed that one alpha gorgeous unattainable player girl whom you desire and you simply know she is one of the 80% out there who would run off if she heard of your "status". Not that there is anything wrong with it, but some women and men simply prefer experienced partners and that's all.

Your training begins now:

First things first...


Obviously, and you might have guessed by now, women don's only recognize an inexperienced (or a virgin) guy only when he is finally in bed and has to perform. But they can see it and feel it even just by looking at you and your overall reactions, body posture, body language, how do you move, how you walk, the tone of your voice, how do you look at them, how do you talk to them, approach them and how do you respond to sexual topics.  

(And yes, I'm speaking from the experience of many men and women, and hundreds of hours of lectures, interviews with both men and women, listening to the leading sex coaches and experts, learning it all in advance, before I finally decided that at  my age of 30 I would break that secret barrier I also had my self, and guess what... she never knew! 

And the subject never came up. And after the deed was finally done, I was far from being an expert, but I had the confidence I can do it again and again, and each time I used a bit more of the secrets and tricks that I've learned in order to fake it to make it, and together with the new knowledge I've mastered while actually practicing it. .. And here you have a chance to get it all accumulated in one place, so there is no way you can fail out there... And If I managed to pull it off, then everybody should be able to replicate it even easier.

1)  POSTURE:  Mind your posture / Look confident in who you are / Hold your head high while walking or sitting / You get the healthiest and manliest posture for optimal breathing very often from the gym habits to stand upright. (Except though when you realy want to intake more air you have to breathe from your abdomen and your diaphragm. / You need to feel calm and chilled & for that you need to breathe deeply. - You only get nervous when you are having short and shallow breaths. Note: Deep breathing is especially helpful if you suffer from social anxiety or you are awaiting a special crush that makes you nervous to the point you feel your kidneys vibrating. Just calm down and breathe deeply. - Sit like alpha, spread your legs, make that tool visible. / Don't sit with your legs together in enclosed submissive position. That is a huge subliminal turnoff to women.

Walk around like an Alpha (be Alpha) / Strutting your stuff / Do not walk bowed down or sneaky /

2) APPROACHING: Don't shuffle / Don't think twice / Don't be indecisive / Come straight up to her / Use a bit of swagger / Own your manly movements / Have some springiness in your steps.

3) RHYTHM:  Add a little bit of dance to your moves when it's appropriate / Get a sense for timing of your moves / Don't rush anywhere / Own the situation / Set your pace / By being relaxed and not rushing, you will get women relaxed and more responsive / Don't talk like you are panicking / No 100 words per minute marathon talking / Don't breathe fast like you are being shy.

4) HOLISTIC APPROACH: Tie all your moves and strategies to work together naturally / Be relaxed / Own the space & treat your surroundings like yours (spread your stuff around as long as it is safe; bag here, coat there, spread stuff around).

Move over the dance floor instead of sitting in the corner and observing women with sleazy looks and smiles (that's creepy). 

Get an excuse to introduce your self to people. You need to appear that you know everybody and that you have a status. Mark your territory, sprinkle your mark (meaning; introducing your self whenever it is appropriate, joke with people spontaneously, be chatty (but not gregarious). The goal is to leave a trail of smiles, especially when you are moving to another section of the party or leaving the premises. - So your potential "prey" will follow those trails and spot you and want to know you like they do.


This post will be (like all others) constantly updated with new fresh stuff daily!

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