German far-right AfD accused of handing out 'racist' colouring book

A group of far-right politicians is being investigated by police in western Germany over allegations that they distributed a racist colouring book.

A regional group for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party allegedly handed out the books at an event in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Police said the group had been accused of sedition (incitement).

Prosecutors and the state's parliament are also reportedly looking into the matter.

However, the AfD parliamentary group dismissed criticism of the book as an "attack on the freedom of art and satire".

The AfD, Germany's largest opposition party, has grown in popularity in recent years but has been condemned for its extreme views on immigration, freedom of speech and the press.

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The book appears to show caricatures of men brandishing guns under a Turkish flag and women wearing headscarves in a swimming pool.

In one illustration, a knife can be seen pointing menacingly towards people in a swimming pool.

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