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For those who don’t know about GB Instagram, let me tell you that this is the modified version of the official Instagram app in which Lots of changes have been made to give users more advantage and better control over the app. Also as far as .
the official version is considered, there are few drawbacks which simply ruins the user experience. Those drawbacks are removed and instead of that more advanced features are included in the GB Instagram latest version. Plus there will be no additional cost or hidden charges for using GB Instagram updated version Since GB Instagram app does come from the official developers, it is not available on the Google Play Store but you can download it from the link given below.

To be said that, there are lots of third-party Instagram apps available on different websites. But for the utmost security and privacy reasons, we recommend you to download the updated version of GB Instagram APK from our website, we keep updating the app when the developer releases the latest version. All the popular social media modded apps are available on our website. You can check them out too. But for today, let’s talk about GB Instagram MOD APK and its awesome features

Features Of GB Instagram

  • Its is made on top of the latest Instagram app version
  • If you read someone’s story, you can hide it.
  • You Can Mark any message with a star.
  • You can turn off left and right dragging option.
  • Tons of themes available to download.
  • Users can download images, videos, and GIFs from Instagram.
  • Built-in auto translator: For those who have foreign friends.
  • You can copy and paste the caption text from the Instagram post.
  • Added zoom option for images.
  • Can be able to Zoom profile picture.
  • Dual Instagram: Can use Two accounts of Instagram on one phone with GB Instagram.
  • Can copy anyone’s bio.
  • No-root needed.
  • No Ban issues.
  • Totally free without any additional or hidden charge
  • App Updates: GB Instagram gets updated regularly when new version releases.
  • and much more coming out soon

link to download: ​​​​

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