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Career and Job Astrology 

Career and Planetary Position 
To determine the career potential, there are variety of things to be analyzed within the Career horoscope of a native, to understand which career is true for you in future or which career suits you best and the way to urge employment or will you get government job or private. the foremost important home is the Ascendant or the primary house in online kundli career prediction. Ascendant portrays the person as an entire and it can shape a person's outlook. The Lord of the Ascendant is therefore equally important. The condition of the luminaries, the Sun and Moon represent the elemental to the personality which finds expression within the career. In Career astrology, 10th house governs the career hence the analysis of the 10th house and its Lord is extremely important, to understand the way to choose a career consistent with astrology or the way to know your future career through astrology. it's always good to seek out the strong house, the strong sign, and therefore the strong planet during a chart to work out the career potential and your destined career. Distribution of planets within the elements, ie fire, earth, air, and water tell something about the temperament of the person. and therefore the qualities, ie, Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable also give the natural tendencies of the person. and water tell something about the temperament of the person. and therefore the qualities, ie, Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable also give the natural tendencies of the person. and water tell something about the temperament of the person. and therefore the qualities, ie, Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable also give the natural tendencies of the person. career astrology  

What Job Should I Do Astrologically? 
Primarily, the 10th house Lord, planets placed within the 10th house of birth chart and with Lord of the 10th house indicates the sort of job or sector of the profession. The fields of business or job of various planets are different. So as per the planets within the 10th house or 10th house Lord, we will predict the sector of job or what quite business he or she is going to do.Dashamamsha D-10 also gives strong clue about the sort of profession and therefore the career you're meant for. this is often how you get to understand your future career through astrology, by date of birth. 

Government Job in Kundali 
As per Indian Vedic Astrology, 10th house indicates the sort of job in kundli. once we mention the kinds of job an issue comes in our mind - Will i buy government job in future? Sun represents the govt hence the foremost important planet is that the Sun to make a decision the govt job yog in kundli. If Sun becomes Amatyakaraka during a horoscope, then it's a robust indication for a Government job in future. Saturn doesn't indicate the govt job but it's the second most vital planet because it's overall significator for Career and it also indicate services or jobs. Saturn's influence over the Sun also indicates government job. Moon act as a supportive planet to Sun. A well placed Sun and Moon boost the probabilities of getting a Government job by astrology.  janampatri 

Remedies to urge Government Job 
There are many well-qualified individuals who fulfill all basic requirements to urge a government job. Still, they fail to urge the work even after many attempts. those that face such failures can get a govt jobs by adopting several astrological remedies to urge government job. this is often how you'll get a government job:
1) Offer water to Sun within the morning 
2) Recite “Om aadityaya namah” or “Om suryaya namah” 108 times. 
3) Recite Aditya Hriday Stotram 
4) Worship Lord Hanuman daily. 
5) Wear 14 faced Rudraksha. 
The above measures are the ideas on the way to get government job consistent with astrology. 

Unemployment / Not Getting Job 
Debilitated, combust and weak ill placed lord of 10th indicates hurdles and setbacks within the career. Moon adversely connected with evil planets in 10th house indicates fluctuation in business life and unemployment, which successively creates career problems as per astrology. Lord of the 10th house if connected with 8th house Lord also indicates a setback in career and difficulties in getting employment. kundali predictions for child Also, if the 10th home is connected with 8th house Lord, then there are often unemployment or difficulties in getting employment and should answer your question, on why I'm not getting a job as per astrology. Dasha and Bhukti of evil planets if connected with the 10th house can cause unemployment.      Sade Sati also can cause such problems. 

Job or Business by Astrology 
To choose a career consistent with astrology, ie Job or business, it's necessary to guage the strength of 6th and 10th house and their Lords. If 10th home is stronger, then business is more suitable. Also, the 3rd and 7th house are important to know the business prospects in kundli. Strong 7th house indicates success within the partnership business. The strength of 2nd home is important to work out the business prospects, particularly in closed corporation. The role of 11th home is important because it governs the gain whether in job or business. If the 3rd home is strong and connected with the 10th, 2nd or 11th house, business is more suitable. If the 6th house features a reference to the 2nd, 10th or 11th house, then the work is more suitable.when will i get married astrology by date of birth 

Future Career Prediction 
The career prediction by date of birth is based on the strength of 2nd, 6th, and 10th house within the horoscope. The analysis of D-10 chart is additionally vital, to understand how will your career future be as per astrology. The sequence of Mahadasha decides the positive or negative event within the career.The impact of Sade Sati are often very useful to know and determine your career progression and career prediction astrology also. 
Astrological Factors for Career in movie industry


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