Four Different Types Of Food Storage Containers

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Storing food in the right container and at the right temperature is important. You can use food-grade containers for storing your food, even its dry food or not.  Food grade containers do not transfer non-food chemicals into the food and do not contain any kind of chemicals hazardous to human health. You can have several food storage containers from glass storage containers supplier and plastic storage boxes supplier. A good set of food storage containers keep all the food fresh longer. There are different sizes and shapes of food storage containers, moreover, they are also made up of different materials. Here are some food storage containers materials mentioned that are approved for food storage use.

Metal cans:

For dry food storage for a long time, metal cans work great. The metal cans are sealed properly, they do not allow air to pass. This saves your food from bacteria and other effects. If you want to store for a longer time, and you need to use it after a certain duration, the metal cans are good. But you cannot reuse the metal cans for storing food, once you opened.

Plastic containers:

The plastic containers which have HDPE stamp on them or have recycled symbol with “2” in the middle are the best material for food storage. These are high-density polyethylene buckets that keep the food fresh longer. Plastic food storage containers are one of the most popular types of containers to store any kind of food. You can also opt for plastic containers made from polyester, polycarbonate, or polyethylene.

Vacuum pouches:

Another very common and convenient type of food storage container is vacuum pouches. There are several sizes of vacuum pouches available, you can select according to your food and need. This also takes special equipment to work with, but once you sealed it properly, it lasts for a long time. Make sure that you select thick vacuum pouches for food storage.

Glass jars:

The glass jars are a very stable and suitable container for food storage. But the glass jar needs the care to handle and special temperature maintenance. Otherwise, the glass got damaged or cracked. The biggest advantage of glass jars that they are easy to clean and reused over and over again.

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